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Dry Wine

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Dry Wine

Dry wine is a drink in which the sugar content is minimal: about 4 to 9 grams per liter. In the production process, almost all the sugar is fermented, which is why such drinks are called "dry". This category is the opposite of sweet and semi-sweet varieties.

In order to obtain such a wine, it is necessary to eliminate all the natural sugar from the grapes. It is the task of the yeast to process it into alcohol "dry". This group got its name precisely because of its low sugar content. By the way, in Europe and in Russia the wine scale is somewhat different. Thus, a dry wine in Russia must contain up to 4 grams of sugar per liter. In Europe, however, dry wines are considered to contain up to 9 grams per liter.
Not all grape varieties are suitable for dry wine production. There are certain regions in each country where suitable grape varieties grow. It is necessary to choose grapes that have a high sugar content. Earlier production techniques were based on natural fermentation, but now yeast is used to speed up the process.
After fermentation, fermentation takes place. It is important to do it in a container that is tannin-free: usually steel tanks or oak barrels.

The two main channels of the wine experience are flavor and aroma. Are dry wines sour? That's not entirely true. Low sugar content in a drink does not make it sour or tasteless. Typically, red dry wine is more tart and white wine is slightly more acidic. These characteristics depend directly on the type of grapes used.
Tartness is not related to strength. The alcohol content of a dry wine, regardless of vintage year and brand, ranges from 9 to 13%.
An interesting feature of dry wines is that the flavor is shaped exclusively by berries, not sugar, unlike semi-sweet and sweet varieties. The aroma of dry wines is based on grapes. Additional flavor notes are formed by spices as well as fruit components.

Dry wine is better served chilled: at 13 to 16 degrees.
The classic combination with cheeses is also relevant for dry varieties. Hard cheeses are ideal: Parmesan, Camembert, Cheddar and others. Also such wines are excellent with meat snacks - ham, ham, sausages. If we talk about main dishes, it is worth remembering that red wine goes well with red meat - beef steak, roasted lamb. Also an excellent complement to the dry wine would be grilled vegetables, pasta, pizza, mushrooms and beans.
White is perfect with fish - pink salmon, trout, as well as less fatty varieties and seafood. Desserts go better with sweet wines, but some dishes will also work with dry wine. It is better to choose dishes which will contrast in taste with the drink: chocolate mousse or candies, fruit desserts, classic cheesecake.
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