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Sweet Wine

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Sweet wines - the most different and bright

Products in this category have rich, bright, varied flavors and aromas. There are both white and red sweet wines. It also varies in alcohol content, but mostly fortified products.
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A product that is produced naturally, from normal grapes, can only be dry. For it to have enough sugar left in it, human intervention is necessary. For a sweet drink, the norm for sugar is more than 45 grams per liter.
For this purpose, different technologies are used in production:
  • forced fermentation stop;
  • use of grapes affected by noble mold;
  • processing of maximally ripe or overripe fruit;
  • use of dried or cured grapes;
  • production from frozen grape berries.
Each technology is typical of a particular winemaking region. Forced stop fermentation is achieved by adding grape or grain alcohol to the product, which increases its strength. This is how a fortified wine is made.

They differ quite a lot in their aromatic characteristics.
Port Winehave a berry, berry-chocolate or spicy flavor with an aroma of burnt sugar. The aged port reveals notes of honey, dried fruit and nuts.
Maderahas different interesting flavors:
  • sweet citrus with molasses and smoky notes;
  • caramel-fruit aroma of wild flowers;
  • zest, nuts and honey;
  • caramel, coffee and dried fruit.
  • smell of nuts, notes of the sea and chamomile;
  • sweet spices and nuts with slight sweet notes of caramel;
  • walnuts and crackers with a warm waxy flavor;
  • a powerful bright smell of dark chocolate with prunes.
Cahorsis velvety, dense, and pleasantly intense chocolate flavor with hints of cherry liqueur.
Muscatshave an expressive, persistent scent.

Sweet wines are perfect with pastries and very rich desserts. Suitable for fruits, cheeses.
Icewines, drinks made from frozen berries, will brighten up the flavor of ice cream.
The flavors of drink and food should not compete. The sweeter or saltier the dish, the sweeter the wine should be selected. The acidity of the drink and the food should also be balanced.
Spicy dishes emphasize the presence of alcohol, so it is better to buy a light wine of weak strength.
Served with small tulip-shaped glasses on a low stem.
Correct supply temperature:
  1. Muscats are cooled to 5-6° C;
  2. wines of medium strength - up to 12-13 ° C;
  3. strong do not cool down much.

The type of grapes used to make the beverage depends on the country and wine region. This product is most often made by blending - from several grape varieties at once.
Riesling. Имеет очень разные показатели в зависимости от того, где произрастает. Обладает яркими нотами тропических фруктов и высокой кислотностью.
Cabernet Sauvignon.The most popular variety. Produces all over the world. It has a bright tartness and balanced acidity. The main notes are blackcurrant jam.
Semillon.It makes some of the world's best sweet wines, which can age for decades, not just one year.