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Semi-Sweet Wine: What You Need to Know

Semi-sweet wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages due to its original taste and beneficial properties. It is made from late varieties of grapes with high sugar content. You can order wine from famous brands at Vi.Wine (price depends on the country, region, and year of harvest).

Two methods are used to produce semi-sweet wine:
  • Stopping fermentation and stabilizing the material for fermentation;
  • Blending sugar-containing ingredients.
The following techniques are used to achieve fermentation stop:
  • Biological stabilization. It implies the separation of the yeast by filtration;
  • Decrease (to 1-2°C) or increase (to 65-70°C) in temperature;
  • Implementation of fermentation under CO2 pressure.
The traditional method of making semi-sweet wine involves biological stabilization. The berries are harvested when about 25% of the sugar has accumulated in the must. Then they are crushed, the must is taken and clarified. The must is then decanted and undergoes a slow fermentation. After the sugar level has dropped to 13%, the resulting mass is separated by overflow. The wine is carefully drained, making sure that it does not contain impurities. Then it is taken to the cellar and left for several months. Then it is filtered again, using a special machine. The drink is poured into containers, corked, and stored in a cool room (cellar).

Below are the tasting characteristics of semi-sweet wine:
  1. Color: Semi-sweet wines come in white, red, and orange. The color palette ranges from pale golden to dark burgundy.
  2. Aroma: The aroma is expressed by a fruity and berry note with spicy sweet outlines. The exact aroma depends on the variety of berries used.
  3. Taste/Flavor: Semi-sweet wines have a moderate sweetness, light, well-balanced taste, and soft finish. The sugar content is approximately 10%.

Semi-sweet wines are versatile and go well with various dishes, including:
  • Various desserts, fruits, and pastries;
  • Cheese and vegetable platter;
  • Meat and fish dishes;
  • Bread and toast.
Red semi-sweet wine pairs well with meat dishes, while white semi-sweet wine is perfect for fish dishes. Avoid serving with pickles, citrus fruits, and delicacies with a sour taste. Fortified wines are recommended for dishes with fatty meats, complex composition, and a lot of spices. Seafood, such as oysters, mussels, and snails, pairs well with white wines. Serve semi-sweet wines lightly chilled in classic glasses of up to 400 ml.