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Semi-sweet wine - what you need to know

Among all alcoholic beverages, semi-sweet wine is in the greatest demand. It is made from late varieties of grapes with high sugar content. In addition to the original taste, the drink is distinguished by its usefulness - it contains many useful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can buy wine from famous brands in the serviceVi.Wine(price depends on country, region and year of harvest).

One of two methods is used to produce the beverage. The first involves stopping fermentation and stabilizing the material for fermentation, while the essence of the second is the blending of sugar-containing ingredients. In order to achieve a fermentation stop, the following techniques are used:
  • biological stabilization. It implies the separation of the yeast by filtration;
  • decrease (to 1-2°C) or increase (to 65-70°C) in temperature;
  • implementation of fermentation under CO2 pressure.
The traditional method of making semi-sweet wines involves biological stabilization. The berries are harvested when about 25% of the sugar has accumulated in the must. Then they are crushed, the must is taken and clarified. The must is then decanted and undergoes a slow fermentation. After the sugar level has dropped to 13%, the resulting mass is separated by overflow.
The wine is carefully drained, making sure that it does not contain impurities. Then it is taken to the cellar and left for several months. Then it is filtered again, using a special machine. The drink is poured into containers, corked and stored in a cool room (cellar).

Below are the tasting characteristics of the drink:
  1. Color.Semi-sweet wines come in white, red, and orange. Because of this, there can be many shades, but each is different in saturation. The color palette ranges from pale golden to dark burgundy.
  2. Fragrance.The aroma is expressed by a fruity and berry note with spicy sweet outlines. The exact aroma depends on the variety of berries used.
  3. Taste/flavor. Напитки отличаются мягкостью, нежным, свежим вкусом и продолжительным фруктовым послевкусием. Крепость около 10%.

Many people decide to order semisweet wines because of their versatility. In order to choose the right variety, they take into account what they are going to be consumed with. They go well with a variety of desserts, fruits and pastries. They are also suitable for dinner: cheese and vegetable platter, meat and fish dishes, bread and toast. Reds go better with meat dishes and whites with fish dishes. The only thing to avoid is pickles, citrus fruits and delicacies with a sour taste.
Dishes with fatty meats, complex composition and a lot of spices are recommended to be served with fortified wines. Seafood (oysters, mussels and snails) goes well with white wines. Drinks are usually served lightly chilled in classic glasses of up to 400 ml.

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