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Chardonnay Wine

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Chardonnay Wine - Characteristics

The Chardonnay wine, made from grapes with pale green berries, is remembered for its rich oily flavor and bright aromatics, in which, depending on the climate of the region where the vine is grown and the maturity of the fruit, notes of pineapple, figs, green apple or lemon dominate.  

An unpretentious grape with a subtle citrus aroma that comes from Burgundy, it is cultivated in Italy, the USA, Georgia and Australia, but the characteristics of the fruit that is harvested in different countries and regions differ significantly, depending on cultivation conditions, type of soil and climate. The Chardonnay variety withstands low temperatures, ripens before the fall rains start, feels comfortable in light calcareous soils, does not take well to lands with high humidity, adores a mild climate.
Despite the differences in all types of grapes, and their number has reached 30, there are common features; 
  • average vine size;
  • cone-shaped bunches;
  • white-green berries with thick skin.
Juicy fruit has no intrusive odor, no harsh tones in the flavor, and by applying different techniques, producers get a certain style of wine. To create a light, crisp drink, the juice is fermented in stainless steel containers; aging in oak barrels gives the wine an intense and buttery taste. Infusing the must on the skins produces Chardonnay with its original orange color.

A drink made from fruit that ripens in cooler weather, with a higher acidity and lower sugar content. When the Burgundy grape variety is grown in hotter climates, the taste is less intense and subdued. Chardonnay, produced in French Chablis, is recognized by gourmets by its notes of apples, duchesse and lemon. Spice and vanilla hints can be felt in the drinks from California. Wines produced by Australian brands are characterized by an aroma that combines flavors:
  • nutmeg, 
  • fresh berries,
  • oriental sweets.
Argentine Vino Chardonnay, which attracts at a lower price, has a weak aftertaste. Not all gourmets like the sweet smell of the drink.

The pale green fruits of the grapes, preserved in all stages of production, give the drinks an exquisite golden-yellow color. White Chardonnay is so transparent it glistens and shimmers in the light, while the red, which comes in small quantities, is distinguished by its ruby color;
Chardonnay captivates with its amazing taste, if you drink it slowly, first you feel the cool freshness, then the spring aromas of blossoming flowers and herbs are joined and only in the end the bouquet is revealed, combining notes of berries and fruit. The strength of dry wine doesn't exceed 11°, while its sugar content is 0.3%. The semi-sweet wine captivates with its expressive flavor, where honeyed notes are diluted with sour lemon. The semi-dry Chardonnay, where the sugar level rises to 5%, captivates with its golden hue and delicate aroma.

In Moscow, it is possible to buy Burgundy wines, which are categorized as Gran Cru, on order, but the cost of a bottle of such products reaches 350,000 roubles. It is possible to find chardonnay at a more attractive price, which is produced by popular brands from Italy, Georgia, and Argentina. However, in order not to get into counterfeit goods, it is better to buy Chardonnay wine in a specialized store from a retail chain, which sells elite alcohol in Moscow and on request provides a quality certificate for the products.
Real Chardonnay wine has a transparent straw color, and the presence of sediment indicates a fake. A bottle in which a quality product is sold looks neat, and the label contains detailed information about the brand, grape variety, and producer;
Oak-aged Chardonnay wine, the price of which is 15 thousand rubles, brand Ca'Del Bosco, which is one of the top three Italian producers, makes from grapes, ripening in Lombardy. The drink has a brilliant golden yellow color that gourmets love: 
  • refreshing acidity; 
  • full-body flavor;
  • with an intense aroma.
Corton-Charlemagne, which you can buy a bottle at a price of 59,900 rubles by advance order, is supplied to the market by Bonneau du Martray from Burgundy. The brand, which received the Gran Cru category, captivates with its subtle aroma, in which notes of citrus, dry smoke herbs and pineapple are felt, and with a fresh and lingering aftertaste.
Grape must from berries ripened in the Burgundian appellation of Corton-Charlemagne is aged in oak barrels for 8 months and in steel vats for the same period;
Buying the vintage brand Las Pizarar Errazuriz, which is made from grapes grown in the Aconcagua Valley, from a website that purchases products from the producer, costs 11-12 thousand rubles. The Chilean company Errazuriz cultivates the vines on land rich in shale, sends the hand-picked fruit for fermentation in steel vats and ages the wine, which reveals aromas with hints of nut, marzipan and lemon, in French wood barrels for a year.
Gourmets from Moscow have an opportunity to buy the elite Arinzano Gran Vino. 2014 release at a price of 12990 p, which is obtained from the Chardonnay grape, which grows on the slopes of the Pyrenees in the Spanish province of Navarra and impresses with a refined golden color with green reflections, pleases with a bright dense taste, aroma which contains notes:
  • pineapple;
  • dried fruit;
  • baking; 
  • лимона.
Due to the presence of high-tech gravity equipment, each stage of the beverage production at the winery is controlled Grapes harvested from different sites are processed separately.

After opening the bottle, which is cooled to 8°, the Chardonnay is poured into glasses on a high stalk only after half an hour, which allows it to enhance its flavor. The wine is served with chicken, seafood, fish salads without mayonnaise, with cheeses, with meat;