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Chardonnay Wine

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Chardonnay Wine - Characteristics

The Chardonnay wine is made from grapes with pale green berries and is remembered for its rich oily flavor and bright aromatics. Depending on the climate of the region where the vine is grown and the maturity of the fruit, notes of pineapple, figs, green apple, or lemon dominate.

An unpretentious grape with a subtle citrus aroma, Chardonnay comes from Burgundy, but it is cultivated in different countries and regions, which affects the characteristics of the fruit. Despite the differences in all types of grapes, common features include average vine size, cone-shaped bunches, and white-green berries with thick skin. Juicy fruit has no intrusive odor, no harsh tones in the flavor, and producers apply different techniques to get a certain style of wine. To create a light, crisp drink, the juice is fermented in stainless steel containers; aging in oak barrels gives the wine an intense and buttery taste. Infusing the must on the skins produces Chardonnay with its original orange color.

When the Burgundy grape variety is grown in hotter climates, the taste is less intense and subdued. Chardonnay produced in French Chablis is recognized by gourmets for its notes of apples, duchesse, and lemon. Spice and vanilla hints can be felt in drinks from California. Wines produced by Australian brands are characterized by an aroma that combines nutmeg, fresh berries, and oriental sweets. Argentine Vino Chardonnay has a weak aftertaste, and not all gourmets like the sweet smell of the drink.

The pale green fruits of the grapes give the drinks an exquisite golden-yellow color. White Chardonnay is transparent and shimmers in the light, while red Chardonnay, which comes in small quantities, is distinguished by its ruby color. Chardonnay captivates with its amazing taste, and the strength of dry wine doesn't exceed 11%, while its sugar content is 0.3%. The semi-sweet wine captivates with its expressive flavor, where honeyed notes are diluted with sour lemon. The semi-dry Chardonnay, where the sugar level rises to 5%, captivates with its golden hue and delicate aroma.