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Pinot Grigio Wine

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Pinot Grigio - the history of the drink

Pinot Grigio is loved all over the world. It is light, fresh and friendly. This unassuming drink has a light acidity, lemon, lime, green apple and honeysuckle. Pinot Grigio is a must on the wine lists of Moscow stores. It is a universal grape variety with excellent flavor qualities. Varieties of Pinot Grigio one tries to buy not only for special occasions, but also for an ordinary dinner. Very many brands of alcohol produce this product at different prices. It will not be difficult to buy such goods on the Russian sites of alcohol boutiques;

The Pinot Grigio grape variety was the result of a mutation of the Pinot Noir vine. The berries acquired not a green skin, but a gray-blue one. Because of this unusual color of grapes, the variety got its name. In French it means "gray cone". It refers to a bunch of grapes with a grayish hue. These are the unusual berries that became the raw material for Pinot Grigio.
Although the grape and the drink now have a name in Italian, the culture originated in France. Its native region is Burgundy. There it is referred to as Pinot Gri. In the 14th century, the variety was introduced to other countries.
Nowadays, Pinot Grigio has the most vineyards in northern Italy. It is suitable for stony plantations with a temperate climate. Its flavor is influenced by changes in night and daytime temperatures and soil. For several centuries the grapes have been used to make copper colored wine. It can be made with prolonged maceration. The first dry white product from these berries appeared in 1960. The vine has spread the most in these Italian regions:
  • Veneto;
  • Lombardy;
  • Tuscany;
  • Sicily;
  • Trentino-Alto Adige;
  • Friuli-Venezia Giulia;
Soon the wine won the hearts of all Italy. Today 80% of the production is exported to the USA, Great Britain, Japan and China;

Classic is a white, dry type of wine. Its strength is about 11%. More often it contains from 5 to 10 g/l sugar. It is harvested when the berries are optimally ripe. At the wineries the clusters are gently pressed, and then fermented in steel tanks with strict temperature control. The color of the beverage depends on the aging and other winemaking techniques used. If fermentation is done without contact with the peel, the wine comes out light and clear. But you can also find a pink, slightly copper colored beverage on sale. This means that the producers used fermentation of the must together with the grapes;
The light Pinot Grigio is characterized by a bright fruity aroma. Occasionally, a subtle trail of spice is noticeable. It is a very pleasant wine to drink. It impresses with its fresh aroma, with hints of flowers and white fruits. It has a balanced and light taste;

Four basic types of Pinot Grigio wine can be bought in Moscow chain stores. These are the categories:
  • dry mineral;
  • dry fruit;
  • sweet fruity;
  • pink.
Mineral white wine is made in northern Italy. Lately it has been produced in Romania and Austria. It is characterized by high acidity, neutral flavor, fruity notes. It is aged in stainless steel tanks. In the hot summer weather it is pleasant to quench one's thirst with such a drink;
The cost of a good Italian product will range from 800 rubles to 1,000 rubles per bottle. Such a purchase is sure to please the soul. The price of Pinot Grigio from Argentina is 600 rubles. The price of the Australian product is 900 rubles. In Germany, this kind of alcohol is aged in oak barrels. It acquires a light straw color. It is stored for several years. The cost of this version is 800 rubles.
Some Italian, American producers prefer fruity dry Pinot. In taste it is similar to the classic version. Sometimes peach, apricot, lime, apple notes are noticed. The price for the Californian variant will be about 1,000 rubles. The higher quality Grigio costs from 1,800 rubles and more;
Sweet Pinot is made in French Alsace. Its aroma is complemented by honey, citrus notes. Sometimes there is a hint of pineapple, tropical fruits;
Winemakers in Italy learned how to make a pink kind of alcohol from this grape variety. It is infused on the mash for a long time. Over time, the light pink drink acquires the taste of cherries, cranberries, and raspberries. In the aroma you can feel the spices and wild flowers.  

Seafood, especially shellfish, goes well with Pinot. Even better are grilled mussels or crispy shrimp. This tangy, acidic wine pairs with fresh salads and lighter appetizers.
Because of its high acidity, it is best not served with citrus or tomato-based dishes. It is worth trying with sushi, moules-fries, light baked fish with  cream sauce. Excellent with such species: trout, cod, scallop, halibut. Instead of fish you can have chicken or turkey.
Сыры также составят хорошую компанию. Лучше приобретать полумягкие и твердые виды. К блюдам уместно добавлять пасту, соусы. Лучше всего пить Pinot летом! 

Normally, Pinot Grigio is served cold, with a temperature of 7-10°C. It is drunk from a classic white wine glass. It is a super gastronomic wine! The price for a bottle of Pinot Grigio varies in a fairly wide amplitude. Drinks from the United States, Chile, South Africa cost about 500 rubles per bottle. Grigio from Italy, France of decent quality is more expensive. It costs up to 5,000 rubles per bottle in Moscow. The average price range varies from 700 roubles to 1,000 roubles.
For price-conscious customers, it is known that during promotions, it is possible to get a discount. More often the product is bought by young active people. Grigio surprises with its soft balance of fruit and freshness, without excessive expression. That's why it's worth it not to spare 1000 rubles and buy a bottle of Pinot Grigio for a pleasant evening in a romantic setting;