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Pink Pinot Grigio Dry Wine

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Pink Pinot Grigio Dry Wine

Pinot Grigio rosé dry wine is a refreshing and aromatic wine with hints of apples, pears, tropical fruits, and flowers. Its unique production process involves allowing the skin of the berries to come into contact with the juice, resulting in its beautiful pink color. The wine is kept in stainless steel containers to preserve its exquisite taste. Its crisp taste is complemented by a strawberry aftertaste and pleasant sweetness, making it a favorite among wine enthusiasts.


  • Original production technology
  • Aromatic and rich flavor
  • Beautiful pink color
  • Crisp taste with a strawberry aftertaste
  • Pleasant sweetness
  • Kept in stainless steel containers
  • Best paired with Asian cuisine, salads, barbecues, and chicken dishes
  • Optimal serving temperature is 16 degrees