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Wines - features and prices of popular brands

Although the Greeks gave the world the technology to make wine, France and Italy, Spain and Australia, the United States and Argentina have become the largest producers of the elite beverage. Countries that are engaged in winegrowing try to develop an original style of wine, supplying the world market with exclusive examples, revealing a luxurious bouquet of flavors. Although a bottle of the most expensive Cabernet sold at auction for $500,000 you can buy an excellent vintage wine at 60-65 euros and cheaper.

Vineyards cover more than 7.5 million hectares and are second only to cereals, more than half of the world's plantations, as before, are located in Europe. On the basis of criteria formed with the development of viticulture, the quality of elite beverage is evaluated, the best brands and producers are recognized. Certain conditions are required for the birth of a wine that strikes a deep and rich flavor. The production of the product is influenced by:
  • region and peculiarities of grape cultivation; 
  • climate and weather of each year;
  • level of sugar content in berries;
  • perfection of the technology used.
Taste and bouquet, which are considered the main organoleptic indicators, determine the sweetness, astringency, balance of wine, variety and richness of flavors. When tasting the samples they assess the transparency of the drink, which depends on the presence of colloidal particles, the color, which is affected by the content of natural coloring compounds - anthocyanins, flavonoids, polyphenols;
Ordinary copies go on sale 3 months after the processing of berries, vintage are aged at least 18 years, collectible - from 6 years in a bulk container and another 6 years in bottles. To avoid fakes, elite alcohol is advised to buy in specialized boutiques and stores.
The value of the wine that a gourmet chooses for tasting is influenced not only by its type, but also by brand recognition, the popularity of the region where the vine is cultivated, the technology of production, the uniqueness of the terrarium, the price of the land.

The range of wines offered by foreign and domestic brands surprises with their abundance and variety of prices. They contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, rejuvenate and revitalize the body with moderate consumption of drinks from red grape varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon which was presented to the world by France is produced by brands from Australia, Italy, New Zealand, South and North America. The most popular grape variety is recognized by its inimitable harmonious taste with light astringency and sourness. Cabernet Sauvignon is characterized by a long aging process, the ageing of a good wine, which with age reveals shades of flowers and herbs, enchanting with the flavor of blueberries and currants, reaches 8 years.
According to the wine catalog, gourmands who love and appreciate red grape drinks, attracted by the rich assortment, except Cabernet Sauvignon, try to order:
  1. Bardolino, which is produced by the Italian brand and features a beautiful ruby color, fragrance with an almond trail;
  2. French Chateau Fonseche, whose strength does not exceed 10%;
  3.  американский Зиндафель, покоряющий сложным букетом; 
  4. Alaverdi from Georgia, which attracts with the flavor of spices and cherries;
The rating of the best red brands, which can be bought in stores, purchased on Internet sites with delivery at a reasonable price, includes products of the Italian brand Tini, which is assigned the prestigious DOC category. Amarone is popular among gourmets, which is produced from dried berries by producers from the same country and is sold in Moscow stores at a price of 5 to 15.5 thousand rubles.

Thirst-quenching, light and fresh, lacking the tartness characteristic of red grapes, white wines. Albarinho ordered as a gift, bought at home for dinner, served on the festive table, supplied to stores for sale by Italian and Portuguese brands. The wine is different:
  • with a bright refreshing taste;
  • increased acidity;
  • with a refined fragrance.
The price of Albariño, which is made from azal blanco berries, aged for one to two years and recommended to drink chilled to 8°, does not exceed $19. In Moscow you can buy this brand for 1,500 rubles using a catalog of online stores.
Viognier, striking with a rich golden color, although it originated in France, is produced by Australian, Italian, and Argentine brands. The drink, aged in barrels, is recognizable by its plum flavor, the smell of vanilla and nutmeg. Samples that are aged in steel vats, distinguished by a slight bitterness, bright notes of exotic fruits and flowers. The price for a bottle of Viognier's best samples in the catalogs of wine boutiques reaches $40, but it is better to buy the products to order.
Early Gewürztraminer grapes, cultivated in the Tyrolean Alps, in the wine-growing regions of France, Italy and Hungary, are used to produce a wine with the same name. The drink enchants with a unique aroma of rose petals, a taste that combines notes of sweet fruit, saffron and cloves, cinnamon and honey. Gewurztraminer is aged for 2 years, you can order this elite product at a wine store at a price of $12 to $16.
After a break of decades, Chardonnay has returned to the lists of the most popular white brands, its taste changing from mild to intense, with European brands' examples revealing notes of apple, citrus and melon. Buying an aged Chardonnay, which gourmets love for its rich hints of clove, smoke and nutmeg, costs from 6,700 to 70,400 rubles.
Sauvignon Blanc continues to be popular, easily recognizable by its straw color with green highlights, aromas of herbs and fruit, and the absence of tart tannins. Vintage examples of white grapes can be purchased at a discount, as well as ordered by phone for a batch at home at a wholesale price. The cost of a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, which is produced by the New Zealand brand starts at 999 p., TM Fanagoria offers Sauvignon Blanc at a price of 265 rubles.

Using several special technologies, red grapes are used to produce dry and fortified, sweet and sparkling beverages, which are characterized by original shades. Although the range of such products is not diverse yet, rose wines have a low content of plant polyphenols and are quickly gaining popularity. The cost of Mateus Rose, which is produced by Portuguese brands from berries of autochthonous varieties Baga, Tinta Barocca, when ordered in advance starts from 760 p. per bottle, the drink pleases gourmets:
  • balanced taste;
  • coral color;
  • with an intense aroma.
Taso Real, which comes from the Tempranillo grape grown in the Spanish region of Castile La Mancha, is characterized by the absence of a sour taste, attracts with a refined taste, which is dominated by notes of red currants and strawberries. If you order Taso Real in the online store, the purchase of the product with delivery costs at least 413 p.
In the ranking of the best rosé brands was Vysokiy Bereg, which is produced by the Russian brand Kuban Vino from Zweigelt grapes grown in the Krasnodar region. The raspberry colored drink is recognized by light citrus hints and rich flavor that successfully combines notes of strawberries and cherries. It is better to look for such a product in the catalogs of Moscow online stores, where there is a huge selection of alcoholic products, and to buy Kuban Vino brand wine is offered at a price of not more than 450 rubles with home delivery.