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Wine From Italy

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Wines of Italy - a celebration of taste and flavor

Products of the Italian wine category have a variety of characteristics. Italian wines are very bright, memorable, with many flavors and aromas. They are very resistant to aging, but they are also good when they are young.
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The country's wine production ranks first in the world in terms of volume. In terms of quality, wine products are also among the best.
The main wine-producing regions of the country:
  • Tuscany,
  • Venetto,
  • Piedmont.
Tuscany is the place where the best, most famous wines are produced.
Maremma and Bolgheri are famous for their wines in Tuscany. Here for the first time in Italy they made wine from French varieties of grapes, called Sassicaia. Drinks of these varieties are still made here today. They are called super Tuscan.
They are produced not only in Maremma and Bolgheri, but anywhere in Tuscany. The main difference is that they are not made from Italian grapes, or from a mixture with other grapes.

The country's wine products are distinguished by the fact that the products of each wine region are unique, but also have common, characteristic features of the country.
Red products from northern regions are light, bright, with a pleasant berry and fruit flavor. The brightest and most intense are from Valpolicella.
White wines from northern wineries are full, buttery and sweet.
The wines of the Piedmont region are very tart and acidic. The Friuli region has bright, fresh whites. Sauvignon is grassy, exotic.
Tuscan wines are very different thanks to the many micro-terroirs - lands with special characteristics. That is why Tuscan products are different even from the same grapes.
Scansano wine is bright, with an aroma of cherries and a very mild, light flavor.
Chianti drinks are simple, acidic, light, moderately tart, with an aroma of red or black berries. May contain notes of raspberry, cherry, dogwood, barberry.
The taste also depends on the strength, the presence of sugar, and the year of production.

Italian wines, especially those from Chianti, pair perfectly with Italian dishes, the drinks are very gastronomic.
A stout red dry will go well with serious dishes - pasta with a complex sauce, lasagna, meat dishes, chicken dishes.
A delicate and light white garnishes cheeses, cheese snacks, fruit. Simple, bright, clear drinks can be matched with simple dishes.
Sangiovese wines can be purchased with all types of pasta, pizza, entrecôtes, steaks, red meat dishes.Greco drinks pair well with oysters, with spicy, salty dishes and foods.

The main grape variety used to make wine in Italy is Sangiovese. It is also grown in a very small number of other regions. Mostly in Argentina and France. But other types of grapes are also grown and used in winemaking in Italian regions.
Sangiovese. The main variety of Tuscany. Tannic, acidic, reveals floral and berry tones. Notes of leather and tea are present. Different Sangiovese drinks have a variety of flavors with many shades.
Greco. Grows on the slopes of volcanoes in southern Italy. Fresh, light, delicate flavor and delicate aroma. It has a high acidity.