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White Italian Wine

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White Wine Italy - unchanged quality and a wide range

Category products surprise with their variety and quality. Italy produces a lot of white wine. The young drinks have an excellent flavor, but they also age very well.ServiceVi.Winesuggests making a choice by comparing prices in different stores and ordering the product of the desired brand.

Italian wine companies strive to produce from grapes of different regions and microclimates. That's why light wines, like other wines, have a huge variety of flavors even from the same producer.Often the drinks can be aged for several months in barrels of different types of oak, or of chestnut. The older the vineyards, the more complex the flavors become.The Italians carefully control the quality of raw materials and constantly conduct technological research.To produce a quality white Italian wine, strict control is exercised at all stages - growing, crushing, fermentation, aging and bottling.

Northern wineries make full, buttery, and sweet light drinks. Southern regions are too hot for light white wines.Piedmont drinks are highly acidic.Friuli makes bright and fresh light wine products.The region of Tuscany is famous for its unique terroirs. Thanks to them, drinks from the same variety turn out to be completely different.The taste also depends on the strength, the presence of sugar, the year of production.

Italian white wines can be as tart as red ones if they were made with Kakhetian technology. That's why you can match Italian blondes with different dishes.A more austere, tart, mildly salty, non-spicy dish would be fine. Strong oily ones are better with meat dishes - stews or grilled. Sweet ones go with sweet or salty foods.The oaky notes of white drinks pair interestingly with dishes in a nutty sauce, roasted in breadcrumbs.White cooled to 13° - 16° C before serving.

Chardonnay. The most important wine variety. Popular all over the world. In northern regions it produces citrus tones and notes of green apple. In temperate warm regions, aromas of ripe yellow fruit.Sauvignon Blanc. Historically a French variety. Grown in all wine producing countries. Gives a very wide range of aromas and flavors. Rarely aged in barrels, as this spoils its flavor.Pinot Grigio. One of the most popular all over the world. Originally from France, a descendant of Pinot Noir. Often used to make white wines, but its color is pink. The berries are low in acidity and high in sugars. It has the confectionery aroma of sweet candies. Gives perfect aroma exactly in Italy, in the region of Trentino-Alto Adige.