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Semi-Dry Wine

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Semi-Dry Wine - What You Need to Know

Semi-dry wine is a type of wine that is produced around the world using low-sugar grapes such as Merlot and Malbec. Unlike dry wines, semi-dry wines contain residual sugar, making them a popular choice for those who prefer a slightly sweeter taste. The following are the key characteristics of semi-dry wine.

The harvesting and primary processing of semi-dry wine is the same as for dry wine. The key difference is that the fermentation process is stopped to retain some sugar. The juice is initially pressed from the grapes and then left to sit with the pulp until the sugar content reaches around 10-15 g/l. The fermentation process is then slowed down to retain the remaining sugar. Some varieties of semi-dry wine are produced from sugary grapes that ripen in mid-autumn.

Semi-dry wine comes in white, red, and orange varieties, and its taste is well-balanced with a soft aftertaste. The following are the key characteristics of semi-dry wine.
  • Color: Whites vary from pale yellow to dark golden, reds have rich colors such as light garnet and burgundy, and oranges have a beautiful soft pink color.
  • Aroma: The aromatic component of semi-dry wine is based on a sweet fragrance of fruits and berries, with the exact smell depending on the variety used.
  • Taste/Flavor: Semi-dry wine is not as sour and tart as dry wine, and it has a light, well-balanced taste and a soft aftertaste. Its strength is usually about 11%.

Semi-dry wine is a versatile option that can be paired with a wide range of foods. Red semi-dry wine is usually served with meat dishes, hard cheeses, spicy snacks, fruits, berries, cheese with noble mold, and light sauces. White semi-dry wine pairs well with fish dishes, light salads, seafood, rabbit and chicken dishes, fatty sea fish, and pates. When serving semi-dry wine, it's important to pour it into the appropriate glass to preserve its floral aromas and maintain a sufficiently low temperature. Red semi-dry wine is usually poured into a special 500 ml glass (filled only 1/3 full), while white wine is served in smaller glasses. If you're interested in trying semi-dry wine, check out the selection at Vi.Wine, where you can find a variety of options at decent prices.