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Semi-Dry Wine

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Semi-dry wine - what you need to know

Among the variety of alcoholic beverages, semi-dry wine deserves special attention. It is good for health, a powerful antioxidant, activates the immune system, increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal microflora, increases physical and mental performance. But most of all it is loved for its original taste and aroma. To order semi-dry wine, just use the serviceVi.Wine(price depends on region, year of harvest and brand).

Semi-dry wine is produced in different countries around the world: Portugal, Spain, France and others. It is made with grapes with low sugar content (Merlot, Malbec). The harvesting and primary processing process is the same as dry wine.
The key difference is the presence of sugar. It is carefully monitored, stopping fermentation. Initially the grapes are pressed, against which the juice emerges. It is insisted on the pulp, until the sugar is about 10-15 g/l. Then they start slowing down the fermentation, so that the sugar is in the must.
Some people prefer to get their drink from sugary varieties that ripen by mid-autumn. The sugar content of botrytized grapes ranges from 19 to 21%. Natural semi-dry wines become very full-bodied and have a characteristic smell. They are pre-matured in barrels and kept in a cool place.
In the case of making a drink from red grapes, it is necessary to slow down the fermentation process. To do this, the must is partially brought to fermentation, and with a sugar residue of about 2%, it is lowered to 6OC. Then it is stored in barrels for about 3-4 weeks. During this period, the aromatic and tannic substances have time to infuse.

Below are the tasting characteristics:
Color. Depending on the variety used, semi-dry wines come in white, red and orange. The hue of whites varies from pale yellow to dark golden. Reds have rich colors (light garnet, burgundy). Oranges have a beautiful soft pink color.
Aroma. The aromatic component is based on a pleasantly sweet fragrance of fruits and berries (the exact smell depends on the variety).
Taste/flavor. The drink is not as sour and tart as a dry wine. Its taste is light, well balanced and has a soft aftertaste. The strength is about 11%.
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Many people decide to buy semi-dry wine because of its versatility. Red wine perfectly combines with meat dishes, hard cheeses, spicy snacks, fruits, berries, cheese with noble mold, light sauces. White is recommended to serve with fish dishes, light salads, seafood, rabbit and chicken dishes, fatty sea fish, pates.
Red semi-dry wine is usually poured into a special 500 ml glass (filled only 1/3 full). White wine is served in smaller glasses. Thanks to this it is possible to preserve floral aromas and maintain a sufficiently low temperature.