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White Semi-Dry Wine

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White semi-dry wine: features of the drink

If you are just beginning your wine-tasting journey, it is worth paying attention to white semi-dry wine. This category of drinks is characterized by perfect taste, pleasant aroma and a variety of assortment. It is a wine which contains from 5 to 25 grams of sugar per liter. Such a sugar content allows the wine to have a refined taste.

It is made according to a special technology, regardless of the brand or region of cultivation of the grapes. Modern production capabilities make it possible to reduce the sugar content to the desired amount in the shortest possible time. To make it easier, the grapes in any country are harvested in early autumn, around the end of September. The grapes are dried and lightly dried. Then comes the fermentation process, which is artificially interrupted at a certain point. After this procedure, the sugar content is 5 to 20 grams per liter.
White semi-dry wine, like other varieties, is stored in special containers, most often in oak barrels. It acquires its main qualities of taste during storage: from one to five years. The strength of the drink does not depend on the length of storage. Only after that the beverage hits the shelves of stores and online services.
Along with dry, this wine is considered a useful drink that improves circulation and activates the metabolism.

The low sugar content of this category of wines allows the true flavor to be penetrated. Slightly sour, refreshing and tart - perfect for any situation. The semi-dry white wine has a more delicate taste as opposed to the dry one. Such wines have additional fruity notes.
The color of white semi-dry wine varies from pale yellow to golden. The color depends on the type of grapes from which the drink is made. The wine must not be cloudy with sediment. The liquid must be crystal clear.
Preferably served chilled: at a temperature of +12 degrees. Don't open the bottle in advance: better just before pouring into glasses.

An ancient truth says: you serve fish with white wine. This is true, but there are certain nuances. White semi-dry wine is a universal drink. Of all the existing categories of wine, it is the easiest to pair with various kinds of products. Of the appetizers you can choose:
assorted meats - sausages, smoked meats, chicken or turkey fillets;
fresh vegetables and herbs - tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, arugula;
any kind of hard cheeses.
Perfectly combines with hot dishes made from fatty fish and meat, which you can cook or order from any restaurant. Also the taste of such wines reveals itself in combination with desserts of different kinds - fruit, chocolate, nuts.
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