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Wine from the Region of Spain

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Wines of Spain - for true connoisseurs

The products of Spanish winemakers are famous for their excellent quality. In general, Spanish wines are associated with expensive and refined products. However, Spain began its wine history with the production of high-quality, but very budget-friendly wines for a wide range. Later, following the French and Italians, the Spaniards introduced a classification of their wines, and began to produce more expensive and complex products within their country. The most famous region where Spanish wines are produced is Catalonia.

An undoubted advantage of Spanish regions is that different grape varieties mature here all year round. This makes it possible to organize uninterrupted production of the drink. The country's climatic conditions also contribute to the high yields. Thanks to the varied climate, Spaniards grow crops that make it possible to produce any type of wine, from dry to semi-sweet (with low sugar content and higher).
Like their European neighbors, the Spaniards have introduced a classification of wine quality. So there the following categories are distinguished, which you can buy:
  • table: no characteristics are indicated on the label;
  • local: marks the year of harvest, region of production;
  • vintage DO: a wine from a particular winery, judged by professionals;
  • vintage DOC: the highest grade, now only produced in Catalonia.

Spanish wines are characterized by their complex structure, both in color and flavor. Spanish wines should be drunk slowly, trying to feel all the notes of the drink.
This country produces both dry and semisweet varieties. The most popular wines, however, are the dry ones. They will really please both connoisseurs of the drink and those who are just starting their journey as a sommelier. The most popular red dry Spanish wines. They are distinguished by their versatility: they combine lingering spicy notes with motifs of unusual fruits and spices. Often honey, prunes and nuts can be found in the composition.
These wines leave a rich aftertaste, which is also worth enjoying. Spanish wines are quite tart, with a pronounced acidity to the palate.
The strength varies from 8 to 15%. Dry and semi-dry varieties are considered the strongest. Sparkling wines are lighter.

Like any other wine, Spanish wine is best drunk at lunch or dinner. Spanish wines are rich in flavor, so it is important to serve them chilled. Depending on the year of vintage, it is worth choosing the gastronomy. If the wine has been aged for more than 5 years, it is better to start tasting it without any food at all.
Younger Spanish wines as well as semisweet varieties can be consumed as an aperitif in tandem with meat and cheese specialties.
В качестве горячего к испанскому вину лучше подобрать мясные и рыбные блюда. Также можно предложить гостям традиционно испанские блюда.
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