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Shiraz Wine

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Brutal French - wines from the Shiraz grape

Products of this category are very brightly colored, fragrant, with a slight acidity and a slight tartness.
The flavors of these drinks are divided into two styles. Therefore, wines from Shiraz grapes will be suitable for those who like pleasant light products and for those who prefer intense bright flavors.
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Historically, the main region producing drinks from these grapes is the Rhone Valley in southeastern France. It produces the best Shiraz in the world.
In addition to France, this variety is produced in many countries, mainly in Australia, Spain and Argentina.
The drinks are very tasty, unusual and affordable.
Best Lungs:
  • from France (Hermitage, Côte Rothy);
  • Portugal;
  • Switzerland;
  • Croatia;
  • U.S. (Washington, D.C., Carneros).
Brightest Powerful:
  • from France (South Rhone, Cornas);
  • Australia;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Argentina;
  • Chili;
  • U.S. (Napa, Sierra Foothills);
  • Russia.

The taste is slightly tart, with a slight acidity. It opens with aromas of raisins, prunes, jam, milk chocolate. There are notes of ground black and white pepper.
There are two styles - "Rhone" and "New World". The "Rhone" taste is light, berry flavored, subtle and delicate. Drinks with a low strength. "Novosvetsky" is more solid, powerful, concentrated, slightly stronger than "Ronsky".
The style depends on the region of winemaking. Light is characteristic of European, French drinks. The Australian ones have a powerful flavor and aroma.
The variety gets very pleasant notes when aged in oak. Cinnamon, cloves, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla and coffee.
There may be notes of bacon, soy, and leather in adult wines.

A hearty dish of red meat, beef, or lamb would be an excellent accompaniment to the drink. A win-win option is to serve it with a kebab or grilled meat. Berry pies and dark chocolate would go well with it.
Berry product can be matched with not too spicy Asian cuisine, rice, sweet and sour dishes, cheeses.
Before serving it should be cooled to 16-18 ° C. It is enough to keep the wine in the refrigerator for 40 minutes.
Serve in tall tulip-shaped glasses with the widest part of the bowl in the middle.

This red grape has gained enormous popularity in recent years in various wine regions. Its second name is Syrah.
This is an old, strong-growing variety. Often diluted with white Viognier. This was historically the case when one had to harvest unripe fruit before the rainy season arrived. Unripe red grapes are very tannic and acidic, lacking in sugar. So it was diluted with a small percentage of white, by then over-ripe, zeitgeist, which balanced out the unripeness of the Syrah.
Has fruity and berry flavors of black cherry, plum, prune, blackberry.
The floral tones of eucalyptus, menthol, mint, violet and tea leaf have berries from cool regions.