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Shiraz Wine

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Shiraz Wine - A Grape Variety with Character

Shiraz wine, also known as Syrah, is a red grape variety that has gained immense popularity in recent years across various wine regions. This old and strong-growing variety is often blended with white Viognier, which balances out the tannic and acidic qualities of unripe red grapes. Shiraz wine has fruity and berry flavors of black cherry, plum, prune, and blackberry, as well as floral tones of eucalyptus, menthol, mint, violet, and tea leaf in berries from cool regions.

The taste of Shiraz wine is slightly tart with a mild acidity and aromas of raisins, prunes, jam, and milk chocolate, with notes of ground black and white pepper. There are two styles of Shiraz wine: "Rhone" and "New World." The "Rhone" style is light, with a subtle and delicate berry flavor and low alcohol content, while the "New World" style is more powerful, concentrated, and slightly stronger than the "Rhone" style. The style depends on the region of winemaking, with European, French drinks being light and Australian ones being powerful in flavor and aroma. Shiraz wine gets pleasant notes when aged in oak, such as cinnamon, cloves, chocolate, cocoa, vanilla, and coffee, as well as notes of bacon, soy, and leather in aged wines.

Shiraz wine is distinguished by its bright color, fragrant aroma, slight acidity, and tartness. The flavors of Shiraz wine are divided into two styles, making it suitable for those who prefer pleasant light products and those who prefer intense bright flavors. The best Shiraz wines come from the Rhone Valley in southeastern France, but this variety is also produced in many other countries, such as Australia, Spain, and Argentina. People enjoy the unusual and affordable taste of Shiraz wine, and it pairs well with hearty red meat dishes, kebabs, grilled meat, berry pies, dark chocolate, not too spicy Asian cuisine, rice, sweet and sour dishes, and cheeses.

Shiraz wine is a serious wine that requires a serious serving. It is best paired with hearty dishes of red meat, beef, or lamb, kebabs, grilled meat, berry pies, and dark chocolate. It also goes well with not too spicy Asian cuisine, rice, sweet and sour dishes, and cheeses. Before serving, it should be cooled to 16-18°C, which can be achieved by keeping it in the refrigerator for 40 minutes. Shiraz wine should be served in tall tulip-shaped glasses with the widest part of the bowl in the middle.