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Wine from the Chilean Region

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Wine from Chile - what you need to know about winemaking

Chilean wines originated in the 16th century. However, they were recognized on the European market only at the end of the last century. Winemaking in Chile remained in decline for a long time, as there was no investment in this area. But in the 70s of the 20th century European winemaker imported certain grapes into the country, thereby breathing new life into the Chilean wine industry.
European grape varieties have shown themselves in a new way in Chile's varied climate. The country is divided into two parts: north and south. The north is dry and hot, while the south is cool and humid. That's why the country abounds in different varieties. Harvesting in Chile takes place all year round.

Chilean wines are of high quality and can compete with European wines, despite a short history of development. Thanks to the varied climate, winemakers can offer wines with different sugar content, from dry to sweet. The wines of Chilean regions are actively marketed in Russia, Japan, the U.S. and other countries.
Because the soil in the country is clayey and poor, grapes have a distinctive flavor. In some regions there may be no rainfall at all during the season. In particularly dry areas, vineyards are artificially irrigated.
Chilean wine is produced in the classical way. Chilean winemakers do not age the drink: they bottle it immediately. Such drinks are drunk exclusively when they are young. The maximum ageing period is 2-3 years.

The range includes white, rosé and red wines. You can also find Chilean wines with different sugar content, from dry to sweet.
  • Dry wine is not the most popular variety for this country. It is represented in a small number of varieties. It is characterized by pronounced fruity notes. It has a delicate acidity.
  • Semi-dry wine combines berry notes with a touch of cinnamon and pepper.
  • This semi-sweet wine has bright floral hints in its bouquet with notes of peach, blackberry and currant. The color of the wine varies from bright scarlet to pale golden.
  • Sweet - embodies the taste of jam, marmalade, sugary fruit. Very viscous and complex drinks.
Most Chilean wines are budget wines, although good quality grapes are used. This situation is due to the fact that many brands are not yet promoted on the world market and cannot compete with European wines in terms of brand prestige.

Tasting Chilean wine is best done as a duet with dinner. For red wine, choose lean meats such as beef or chicken. Fine are cheeses. White wine is traditionally better served with fish or seafood, and light vegetable appetizers. For pink wine it is ideal for not sugary desserts or fruit dishes.
The drink should be served chilled: white wine should be chilled to 9 degrees, rose wine - to 11 degrees, and red - to 12-13 degrees. It is not recommended to open the wine earlier than an hour before tasting. Glasses are chosen depending on the type of drink.
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