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Chilean Merlot Wine

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Vik Vik 2011
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Chilean Merlot Wine

Chilean Merlot wine is loved far beyond the country's borders for its brightness, fruity character, richness, and optimal quality-price ratio. Each Chilean product has a deep bouquet and pleases with a long aftertaste. Merlot is the most common varietal and adapts to different types of soils. The wine is distinguished by its fruity juiciness and softness, and it is full-bodied and dense, especially compared to other varieties.

What Makes Chilean Merlot Wine Different?

  • Brightness, fruity character, and richness
  • Optimal quality-price ratio
  • Adapts to different types of soils
  • Full-bodied and dense, especially compared to other varieties

What People Like About Chilean Merlot Wine

  • Deep bouquet and long aftertaste
  • Fruity juiciness and softness
  • Optimal quality-price ratio
  • Loved far beyond Chile's borders