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Pink Wine

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Pink wine for connoisseurs of freshness

Pink wine, which is characterized by low strength, freshness and lack of complex flavor combinations, which until recently accounted for only a few percent of sales of white and red beverages, has been rapidly gaining popularity. Pink wines are combined with appetizers and desserts, balance the taste of kebabs and grilled meat, keep fun, do not cause severe intoxication and heavy hangover.

The grapes are aged from 12 months to 3 years to produce the Rosé. The berries of dark grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Garancha, Carignan, Tempranillo and Saperavi, which are harvested early, do not lose their rich fruit aroma and retain their acidity and freshness.
When the product is produced by direct pressing, light fruits with dark skins are pressed and the juice is quickly separated from them. The resulting beverage is colored in a delicate pink tone, acquires a fruity and floral aroma
To create a rosé wine with a rich flavor and brighter hue, dark grapes are infused with the skins, as in the production of red wine, but are aged for 3 or 4 hours rather than for a week, which preserves freshness and reduces the cost.
The elite spirits are less frequently made by the saignee method, in which the fruit is burst on its own without being pressed. Rose, made this way, is prized for its elegant and refreshing hues of fruit and flowers.

A third of the rosé wine that reaches the world market is produced in France. In Provence, which nature has gifted with an abundance of sunshine, a variety of soils, gentle slopes, where Grenache and Senso are comfortable, Rosé Château de Bernes produces a drink that strikes with a delicacy of color: 
  • is refreshing with light acidity; 
  • reveals shades of exotic fruits;
  • is memorable with an original aftertaste
If you buy pink wine in bulk the cost of a standard bottle of 0.75 liters will cost 950 rubles.
From the Grollo and Malbec grape varieties cultivated in the Loire Valley, winemakers produce Rosé d'Anjou. It captivates with its silvery hue and pronounced fruit flavor and has many fans not only among the French, but also among the British, Germans and Russians. You can buy semi-dry Rosé d'Anjou in wine stores at prices ranging from 950 to 1125 rubles.
The Spanish Rioja region produces Primer Rose from the Masuelo grape, which was ranked among the top ten rosé wines with a score of 93. The drink captivates with its silky taste and is recognizable by its original candy aroma, but is expensive. Buy Masuelo in a gift box, which is produced by the brand Marques de Murrieta, impresses with summer hints of peaches, raspberries, minerals, offer a price of 6785 p.
Taso Real, made from the popular autochthonous Tempranillo, cultivated in Spanish Castile La Mancha, whose strength does not exceed 11%, has a delicate taste with a predominance of notes of strawberry, served with desserts, savory snacks, white fish.  Cost of such goods in Russia from 500 p
Rosato with the name Santa Cristina, for the creation of which the berries of Merlot, Syrah, Sargiovane varieties grown in Italian Tuscany are collected, gourmands love for the softness and intense flavor, in which the nuances are revealed:
  • mint;
  • вишни;
  • клубники;
  • peppers.  
Pink wine, which Italians like to drink chilled, goes well with seafood, spicy meat dishes, combines with fruit desserts, ice cream. Rosato, which has a brilliant dark pink color, costs from 1153 p.
Mateus Rose alcoholic beverage, which is sold in an original bottle, reminiscent of the shape of a guitar, is quickly sold out in stores. Pink wine, the price of which is from 450 rubles in Moscow, is produced in Portugal from autochthonous grapes Rufete, Turiga Franca, contains a high concentration of sugar, is remembered by a rich coral color, a light aftertaste, shades of ripe fruit.

Increasing production volumes, not lagging behind in the variety of refreshing Rose, which is made from Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, companies from Argentina, Chile, Australia.
As the first warm days arrive, Americans gather for picnics and accompany grilled vegetables and meat with Zinfandel, which is made from the grape of the same name grown in California. The pink beverage is produced using a soaking technique, with a brief maceration to color it with an amazing salmon color. You can also buy this wine in Moscow at the price from 930 to 1456 r. The wine has won many fans with its low price, light taste that is complemented by bright notes of fruit and delicate flavor, in which the smell of pear and pineapple prevail.
From Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown in the Central Valley, Chilean Cono Sur, produces Rosado Tocornal, which has an unusual purple hue, aroma of ripe cherries, the presence of creamy notes in the aftertaste. The drink, chilled to 12°, is served with turkey, salads and duck. You can buy a bottle of the elite alcohol brand Tokornal, named after the politician who determined that the conditions of the Central Valley are ideal for grape growing, in chain supermarkets in Moscow for 500-600 roubles.
Из плодов Мальбека, который растет у подножья Анд на высоте более 1,1 тыс. м, методом Saignée винодельческая фирма ДиамАндис производит Perlita Rosado, что завораживает: 
  • rounded elegant taste;
  • bright red fruit notes;
  • in soft pink.
In stores that sell alcohol, the purchase of Perlite Rosado, which is fermented at a reduced temperature and aged in a steel container with double insulation, will not cost less than 1,250 p.

European varieties of Merlot, Zweigelt, and Syrah are settling in and enjoying the harvest in the Krasnodar region. Although Kuban lags behind both France and Spain in terms of volumes of elite alcoholic beverages, it is gradually increasing its production. The brand called Vysokiy Bereg, although it has been produced relatively recently, has received positive feedback from gourmets. The drink with a strength of 13%, for the production of which red Zweigelt grapes are used, is recognized: 
  1. in crimson;
  2. by bright shades of cherry and strawberry; 
  3. by the combination of sourness and caramel in the aftertaste.
From the fruit of Cabernet Sauvignon Fanagoria produces Numbered Reserve. This wine attracts by its freshness, intense aroma of berries that grow in Russian gardens, light and long aftertaste, absence of astringency, and low price, which is from 400-450 rubles. If you buy a batch of rosé on a special offer, which is often organized by the producer, its cost is 300 rubles.