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Pink Wine for Lovers of Freshness

Pink wine is gaining popularity rapidly due to its low alcohol content, freshness, and lack of complex flavors. Although it accounted for only a few percent of sales of white and red beverages until recently, pink wine has its own unique characteristics that people enjoy. Pink wines are often combined with appetizers and desserts and balance the taste of grilled meat. They do not cause severe intoxication or heavy hangovers.

Pink wine is produced by aging grapes from 12 months to 3 years. Dark grape varieties such as Pinot Noir, Garancha, Carignan, Tempranillo, and Saperavi, which are harvested early, do not lose their rich fruit aroma and retain their acidity and freshness. There are three different methods for producing pink wine:
  • Direct pressing: In this method, light fruits with dark skins are pressed, and the juice is quickly separated from them. The resulting beverage is colored in a delicate pink tone and acquires a fruity and floral aroma.
  • Skin infusion: To create a rosé wine with a richer flavor and brighter hue, dark grapes are infused with the skins, as in the production of red wine, but are aged for 3 or 4 hours rather than for a week. This preserves freshness and reduces the cost.
  • Saignée: Elite pink wines are less frequently made by the saignee method, in which the fruit is burst on its own without being pressed. Rosé made this way is prized for its elegant and refreshing hues of fruit and flowers.

A third of the rosé wine that reaches the world market is produced in France. The following are some popular pink wines from Europe:
  • Rosé Château de Bernes: This wine is produced in Provence, which nature has gifted with an abundance of sunshine, a variety of soils, and gentle slopes. It is made from Grenache and Senso grapes and strikes with a delicacy of color, refreshing light acidity, shades of exotic fruits, and an original aftertaste. The cost of a standard bottle of 0.75 liters is around 14 euros.
  • Rosé d'Anjou: This wine is made from Grollo and Malbec grape varieties cultivated in the Loire Valley. It captivates with its silvery hue and pronounced fruit flavor and has many fans not only among the French but also among the British, Germans, and Russians. You can buy semi-dry Rosé d'Anjou in wine stores at prices ranging from 14 to 16 euros.
  • Primer Rose: This wine is made from the Masuelo grape, which is grown in the Spanish Rioja region. It was ranked among the top ten rosé wines with a score of 93. The drink captivates with its silky taste and is recognizable by its original candy aroma. It costs around 55 euros per bottle.
  • Taso Real: This wine is made from the popular autochthonous Tempranillo grape, which is cultivated in Spanish Castile La Mancha. It has a delicate taste with a predominance of notes of strawberry and is served with desserts, savory snacks, and white fish. The cost of such goods in Russia is around 7 dollars.