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Grenache/Garnacha Rose Wine

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Grenache/Garnacha rose wine is a unique drink made from a popular dark-grown variety of the same name. The wine is known for its rich and specific taste, with dominant tones of raspberry and other berries. Some of the features that make it different and attractive to wine lovers include:
  • The vine withstands various climatic conditions, allowing it to grow in many countries around the world.
  • The grapes can be used to create mono-varietal wines and can also be used in blends, providing opportunities for experimentation and customization.
  • Grenache/Garnacha grapes are commonly used to produce strong wines with at least 15% alcohol, optimal tannins, and sufficient acidity.
  • The best pink specimens are produced from Grenache/Garnacha grapes due to their unique properties.
Wine enthusiasts enjoy Grenache/Garnacha rose wine for its delicious taste, aroma, and versatility. It is a great choice to pair with various dishes and occasions.