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Wines of Portugal - what you need to know

The country is rich in different types of wines. In Portugal you can find drinks with any sugar content, from dry to sweet. The products of Portuguese winemakers are popular on the world market. Hundreds of varieties are grown in the country. Portuguese wines are actively exported to other countries, and the volume of production is large.

Portugal is known for its mild climate, allowing it to produce a variety of drinks, from delicate whites to full-bodied reds. The secret of Portuguese production is that winemakers preserve traditions and combine them with modern technologies. In the 80s of the last century Portuguese winemaking made a leap in its development.
The quality of Portuguese wines is excellent. The price of Portuguese wine in relation to the quality remains budget-friendly. The Portuguese pay special attention to production control. Some authentic wineries still make their wines in the traditional way - by crushing the grapes with their feet.
The variety of grape varieties can also be highlighted. In some regions you can find green wine. It is not called green because of its color, but because it is only drunk young, not aged. Portuguese wine is consumed in the spring after the harvest (autumn).

Red Portuguese is characterized by its rich and bright flavor. There are notes of berries: currants, cherries, strawberries. Often there are woody notes. Often red wines are made from several grape varieties at once, which makes them even more versatile.
White is characterized by a good level of acidity. Often such wines combine citrus notes with floral notes. Often there is a slight bitterness. Due to the combination of several components wines have a non-trivial taste and aroma.
Pink wine contains floral notes. The undertones can be fruit: ripe pear, apple. The level of acidity of rosé matches that of white. A delicate pink color appears due to the contact with the skin during production. A floral aroma is characteristic.
Also in Portugal, following Italy, they began to make wines from dried grapes. Such drinks have a dense, lingering flavor and aroma. The concentration of sugar in such a wine is maximum.
Wines of Portugal have different strengths - from 9 to 15%.

The serving temperature is important for Portuguese wines. Drinks must be chilled beforehand. White wine is chilled to a temperature of 7-9 degrees. Reds and rosés are chilled to 11-13 degrees.
White wines pair perfectly with seafood, fish and vegetables. You can also pick up an assortment of cheeses, smoked appetizers, white meat - chicken, turkey. Reds are better served with meat dishes: beef, lamb. With pink Portuguese wines suit light appetizers, desserts, fruit dishes.
Tasting wine should be done slowly, without clogging up the taste with gastronomy. The food should be an assistant, revealing the taste of the drink.
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