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Red Portuguese Wine

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Portuguese red wines are quite colorful and distinctive. They are made of such grapes as Turiga Nacional, Syrah, Tinta Roriz, Malvisia Finca and others. The bouquet of red wines is very intense, with strong notes of cherries, plums, mocha coffee, a mixture of peppers, flowers, minerals and dessert spices. The nuances of the wines are no less intense than their flavor and aroma. The best tasting samples belong to the Douro, Alentejo and Lisbon regions. Producers offer young and aged elegant mono-varieties and a variety of blends. Portuguese red wines are served with cold appetizers and hot meats, soups, desserts and cheeses.
Portuguese red wine is made using fashionable trends and modern techniques. The main heritage of the country's winemakers is the autochthonous grape varieties. Port and Madeira are the most popular, but there are also other variants. The drinks are soft, rich in fruit notes and bright in flavor. They are intriguing and ripe. They may have tobacco notes. The varieties grown in Portugal are hardy and produce good yields. They produce a great variety of drinks, among which sweet and lighter ones. For a special occasion one can find elegant and colorful drinks with tones of spice and soft tannins. They mature slowly, but the results are worth it.