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Merlot for connoisseurs of alcohol

Lovers of traditional varieties appreciate most popular wine drinks made from international grape varieties. They are grown on every continent. The top ten of such raw materials include Merlot. In Moscow wine boutiques Merlot wine is always available at different prices: from budget versions to expensive elite brands;

Scientists thoroughly investigate the Merlot grape. They found out that it was used as far back as Roman rule. It comes from the French Aquitaine, Bordeaux region. Today the variety has taken root in many countries;Merlot is related to Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Carmenère and other varieties grown in southwestern France. It is often found with them in blends. There have been many nuances in the varietal's history of cultivation in its homeland. The variety has survived phylloxera and oidium epidemics. Despite the challenges, vino Merlot has become popular in various parts of the world. To buy Merlot wine today is not a problem and in Moscow at a different price. The price depends on aging, producer, category;
The variety is quite unpretentious, so it has successfully taken root around the world. Nowadays one can buy Merlot wine made by Italians, Argentinians, Chileans, Israelis and Americans. In many countries the climate allows to cultivate this vine;

Merlot grapes are large, with a thin, dark purple skin. The wine is less tannic due to the lack of pigment. It has more sugar than Cabernet Sauvignon and less acid;The variety ripens early, but in cold weather the harvest is threatened by rain. Merlot has a thin rind, so it is susceptible to gray mold in damp conditions. The planting area of this grape variety outnumbers the others. The explanation for this phenomenon is simple: it adapts easily to new weather conditions, feels good on clay rocks, and ripens quickly;Even an inexperienced winemaker can make a decent red wine from Merlot. Large, dark purple berries give it a beautiful color. The yields are so high that grape growers often artificially restrain them so as not to compromise on quality;

Merlot is most suitable for women. The presence of other varieties in it makes it mild, without a pungent aroma;The taste depends on the area where the vine grows. In a warm place, the berries are sweet and the rind is rich in color. Cool regions produce thin and delicate products. Too sunny weather dries out the grapes, and the drink develops a sugary taste.Red dry wine is full of cherry, raspberry, blackberry and plum notes. More expensive is the version that is aged in an oak barrel. The barrel fills it with the flavor of old leather, bitter chocolate, tobacco. Sometimes a hint of coffee, smoke, truffles and pepper is revealed.The young wine, which does not need to age for several years, has violet, wild plum or plum jam vibes. As it ages, it fills with aromas of figs, chocolate, and spice.The price of Merlot wine in Moscow can pleasantly surprise you. You can buy a good one in the region of 500 rubles. It is more likely to be remembered for its "structure" than for its special flavor. More often the taste surprises: soft (not tannic, not sour), rounded. It's easy to drink. This alcohol is worth to be taken in search of a red when you want to please the whole company. The young drink has a richer color and aroma;There are also many blends on sale where Merlot is present. It is used to produce a new, softer wine with a minimum of tannins. It usually takes two weeks to macerate and ferment the grapes. The wine is then aged for six months before being bottled;

The Merlot name on the label implies a table variety made only from this grape, or a blend with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Most often you can buy a medium-value red dry product. Such a product is designed for daily consumption, dinner, lunch. However, you can also choose non-standard variations of this drink on sale.
  1. Caberlot is a blend of Cabernet and Merlot. It is produced only in one small region of Tuscany. It is aged in oak tanks for about two years, then bottled and sent to the cellar for another year to mature. During this time it develops aromas of blueberries, spices and coffee;
  2. White Merlot. It is made in the Italian region of Ticino. To make it, the grape juice is quickly separated from the skins to eliminate the presence of pigment. The process produces a true winemaking invention: a white wine made from dark purple grapes.
  3. The most respectable drinks are French, from the Bordeaux region. Especially worth buying Château Petrus. In the French young samples, the flavors of red berries, field herbs and cedar can be traced. After aging it is saturated with aromas of other fruits and spices.
  4. Also on sale is the availability of popular Italian blends from the provinces of Tuscany. Italian producers are constantly competing for quality products. They captivate fans with their rich fruit-grassy flavor without tartness.
  5. In New World countries, alcohol from these grapes is also plentifully available. Chilean and Californian varietals are most popular. They have a light herbaceous aroma and a minimum of tannins. On the sites of Moscow stores these samples are available in a democratic price category;

Vino Merlot should be drunk from translucent glass glasses. This way you can watch the play of color and how gracefully the drink flows down the walls. It should be slightly chilled before serving, down to 16°C, and then savored in small portions to enjoy the bouquet.This is a table type, it goes with almost any dish. Best combined with meat: cold ham, grilled ribs, steaks. Vegetable stew, beans, cheeses, chicken, turkey will also work.Many beginners and amateurs buy red dry reds in this category. It is not necessary to understand the quality of the product. Do not look down on this wine drink. One of the most expensive and exclusive options in the world Chateau Petrus almost entirely consists of this grape variety. By the solemn event must purchase a bottle to enjoy. In Moscow stores buyers will be surprised by the availability of various types of this exquisite drink at an affordable price;