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Gewürztraminer Grape Wine

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White Wines Gewürztraminer - a gourmet drink

Gewurztraminer is a wine produced from an early grape variety that not all gourmets are enthusiastic about, but it is memorable for its bright slightly intrusive aroma and intense golden color. Gewurztraminer is recognized by a slight bitterness, which can be felt after the first sip and adds originality and freshness to the young wine. The price for a bottle of wine from grapes planted on 14 thousand hectares starts at $10, and even the exclusive copies with a long aging period, produced in Alsace, rarely cost more than 45 euros.

White wines from Gewurztraminer berries are loved by Germans and Italians who are confident that the noble drink from the rare grape variety is not inferior in originality and magnificence of taste to the famous Chardonnay, although the official status of wine products from Gewurztraminer received less than 50 years ago.The grapevine, the fruit of which makes popular drinks with low acidity and a fragrant aroma, was cultivated centuries ago in the Italian village of Tramin, which belongs to the administrative division of Alsace. The exact date of the pale green variety's appearance is difficult to determine, as it has been crossed with others and mutated. The name of the grape is formed by combining two words, the first gewürz, which is translated from German as spice, reflects the amazing aroma of berries, the second tramin indicates its origin. Later, researchers found out that the grape is a mutation of the variety Savanen, which is native to Germany.The golden-pink fruits of Gewürztraminer contain a high concentration of sugar, and in order for the sweet berries to retain their acidity, one tries to harvest them in time. Although the variety rarely suffers from powdery mildew and is resistant to rot, it is not easy to grow a crop because the grapes:
  • does not tolerate frost;
  • sets bunches in early spring;
  • does not develop well in hot weather;
  • is demanding on soil fertility.
The variety is cultivated in Western and Eastern Europe - in Slovakia, Bulgaria, Italy, France, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Israel, in small quantities in the south of Russia, Moldova and Ukraine.Some of the best Guevur wines are Alsace wines, which are produced according to the classical technology from local grapes.

Terpenes are accumulated in high concentrations in the skin of berries, which are the main component of the essential oils. These compounds fill the Gewurztraminer with a fragrance, an intensity reminiscent of perfume, when fermented. The low acidityand elevated sugar levels help the drink's flavor reveal notes:
  • cinnamon and rose;
  • bergamot and coconut;
  • lilacs and carnations.
In the sweet wines there are hints of dried fruit and marzipan. Gewürztraminer is praised by gourmets who are captivated by its bright and persistent aroma.The quality of the drink depends a lot on the terroir where the variety is cultivated, onpeculiarities of vine care. The ageing of dry grades does not exceed 5 years, but the complex flavor and fragrant aroma are fully revealed in young wines;In France people like to drink sweet Gewurztraminer, Germans prefer dry style with a trail of curry and ginger, Gewurztraminer, which is produced in Italy, has an original bouquet, in which you can smell wild herbs, notes of lemon peel, melon. Dark pink peel when macerated gives the drinks a rich color - honey, orange, golden.

Gewürz, which Alsace is proud of, captivates with the aroma of Chinese plum and rose, with aging over 7 years it acquires the smell of smoke, spicy hints of ginger and cinnamon. The semi-dry Reserve category wines that are produced by the wineries of this region sell for $20-25. Exclusive brands like Vendange Tardive, which pair with spicy Arabian or Indian dishes, are not hard to find for $40.Northern Italy produces vintage drinks that surprise with their original brackish flavor and mesmerize with the bright aroma of rose petals and peaches. Gewürztraminer wine, the price of which does not exceed $25, is made from grapes grown in the Alto Adige valley;The taste of the best examples of Gewürztramine from California, which resembles ripe grapefruit, is diluted by notes of strong cider, the aroma is dominated by hints of lychee and chickpeas. A bottle of sweet wine from Monterey or Sonoma, paired with rolls and sheep cheese, can be purchased for $10-12.Rooter Traminer from the grape, which in Germany is called simply Gewurz, differs from the products from Alsace with a sweeter taste, pleases with the richness of floral and fruity tones.

Gewurztraminer, which has admirers in Russia as well, is advised to look for it in the new catalogs of online stores that sell alcoholic beverages in Moscow. Gourmets are invited to taste Julien Riehl, which releases from the grapes Gewürztraminer, grown on the steep slopes of Bohese, a brand from Alsace, Arthur Metz. The wine is white, which you can buy for 1.5 thousand rubles:
  • captivates with its golden hue;
  • intense fruit flavor;
  • bright notes of spices and flowers.
Mastri Vernacoli, the grapes for which are cultivated in northern Italy in Trentino, is produced by Cavit using the traditional method without contact with the oak container, has a fresh and juicy taste, revealing hints of flowers and tropical fruits. The wine, which according to the information on the label is classified as DOC, can be bought in Moscow at a price of 1030-1040 p.Gaumen Spiel, which is created from the berries of the variety Gewürztraminer grown in the Palatinate, producer from Germany Peter Mertes, impresses with a straw color with silvery highlights, attracts with a refreshing aroma with spicy tones, dense texture, hints of herbs in the aftertaste.Fans of Gewurztraminer grapes are advised to try Domaine Weinbach, produced by the brand from Alsace with the same name. This exclusive product made of fruit, some of which are specially infected with noble mold, is recognized by gourmets by its subtle aroma revealing notes:
  • peach;
  • Honeysuckle;
  • roses;
  • мандарина.
Buying Domaine Weinbach wine, which is found on the sites of online stores that order goods from manufacturers, will cost 5,600 p.Gewurts are good in aperitifs, combined with confit and fruit salads, with pates and seafood, served with thick soups, with meat and poultry.