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Tempranillo Wine

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Tempranillo Wine - Fresh and Fruity

This wine category is known for its bright color, fresh and fruity flavor, and ability to age well. Tempranillo is made from an indigenous grape variety from Spain. Service Vi.Wine can assist you in selecting and purchasing the right Tempranillo wine. You can search and order wine by region, brand, price, and year of production.

Tempranillo wine is mainly produced in Spain, but can also be found in other countries such as:
  • Portugal
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • France
  • United States
The high sugar content of the grapes in this variety results in a good alcohol content of around 14%. Sometimes more acidic varieties are added to balance out the lack of acidity. Tempranillo wine is fermented in oak or aged in French or American oak barrels to intensify and improve its flavor qualities. However, producing a completely dry wine from this grape can be difficult due to the many sugars in the fruit that are not processed into alcohol.

Tempranillo wine has a moderate tartness, a dense body, normal acidity, and is slightly sweet. It showcases fruit aromatics with primary notes of black figs, plums, and cherries. More mature wines have denser aromas of dried figs and prunes, along with notes of black pepper. Wines from cooler regions have spicier flavors compared to those from warmer places. Tobacco and pine nut notes are also characteristic of aged wines.

Young Tempranillo wines pair well with grilled meat or vegetables, pasta with meat, meat appetizers, and smoked meats. They also go well with aged cheeses. Aged Tempranillo wines are recommended for intense, fatty, dense dishes, and are suitable for Mexican and Spanish cuisine, such as paella, burritos, nachos, and meat in tomato sauce. Tempranillo wines are best served in tulip-shaped glasses with a large bowl, the widest part of which is at the bottom. They do not need to be refrigerated before serving. A closed bottle can be stored for about 10 years to achieve a brighter, richer flavor.

The Tempranillo grape is a dark variety with large bunches that originates from Spain. It ripens early, and its grapes are easy to pick. There is also a white mutation of this grape known as Tempranillo Blanco. Tempranillo wine has a rich color and full fruit flavor that becomes brighter and richer with age. It is the most popular grape variety in Spain, but is also grown in various regions. There are many clones of Tempranillo known by other names such as Sensibel, Aragonese, Tinta Rorisch, Tinto la Rioja, Tinto de Toro, Tinta del Pais, Ul de Liebre, and more, each with different berry characteristics.