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Malbec Wine

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Malbec Wine - History and Features

Malbec wine, made from an indigenous grape variety that was on the verge of extinction in the middle of the last century, is known for its aroma that combines notes of chocolate, black cherry, and flowering violets. It attracts gourmets with its dense silky taste and affordable price. The dark-purple wine leaves a bright red rim on the glass and is aged in oak for up to six months. Copies that have been infused for a longer period acquire an intense smell of blueberries and are more expensive.

Malbec is produced in the U.S., Chile, New Zealand, France, and South Africa, but Argentine producers are famous for reviving the grape variety. Malbec grapes are adored for calcareous and gravelly soils and are easy to grow, but they drop flowers in high humidity and are sensitive to light frost. The fruit of this grape contains many sugars that are not processed into alcohol, so it is very difficult to produce a completely dry wine from it.

Malbec from Cahors is distinguished by its tartness and significant content of tannins, which give the drink increased acidity. In contrast, the wine produced in Argentina is light, juicy, and has a lush bouquet of flavors. The fruit of grapes growing in the foothills of the Andes at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,500 meters under intense sunlight gives off strength, freshness, and mild acidity. Malbecs from Argentina are dominated by jammy nuances. The drinks produced by French companies from grapes grown on river terraces and the Cahor plateau, built of limestone, are dominated by hints of freshly picked berries and fruit.

Zuccardi and Trapiche are the top brands producing premium Malbec wines from Argentina. The must is fermented in concrete vats and aged in burnt oak containers. Navarro Correas winery and Catena Zapata are also popular brands. Malbec wine is best served with red meat, spicy poultry dishes, and mushrooms. It is not chilled before drinking, but it is advised to keep it in an open bottle for half an hour to allow the wine to fully express its aroma. A glass specially created for Malbec wine absorbs the aromas of fruit, to which are added hints of spices and violet blossoms.