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Malbec Wine

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Malbec wines - history and features

Malbec, which comes from the grape with the same name that was on the verge of extinction in the middle of the last century, is remembered for its aroma that combines notes of chocolate, black cherry and flowering violets, attracts gourmets with its dense silky taste and inexpensive price. The drink of dark-purple hue leaves a bright red rim on the glass, aged in oak for up to six months, the copies that have been infused for a longer period acquire an intense smell of blueberries and are more expensive;

Malbec is produced in the U.S., Chile, New Zealand, France and South Africa, but the elite alcoholic beverage was made famous not by the small Caor or the famous Bordeaux wine region, but by Argentine producers who gave Malbec a second life.
The Coat grape, later named after the botanist who cultivated the vine near Caors, was obtained by crossing the autochthonous varieties Madeleine Noir and Prunelard. Malbec spread to other regions and made its way to Bordeaux. Its berries, with their inky-blue skin, were added to the blends, giving them brightness and intensity. A grape variety that adores calcareous and gravelly soils:  
  • actively growing and developing; 
  • drops flowers in high humidity;
  • blooms at an early date;
  • freezes in light frosts.
Settlers from Europe brought the vine to South America, but Malbec was not to the liking of the Argentines, who liked beer, and the grapes were uprooted.
In France in the fifties of the twentieth century, due to severe frosts, the plantations of the capricious heat-loving variety died, some vineyards were restored only in its homeland in Cahors, where Malbec wines are still produced today. The French wine, made from berries that ripen on calcareous soils, is dense and full-bodied, and the taste, which reveals itself over time, is dominated by notes:  
  • сливы; 
  • blackberries;
  • coffee;
  • smoke.
Wine red Clos Triguedina, for the creation of which the producers of the French Cahors, in addition to Malbec, use varieties of Tanna and Merlot, to buy in Moscow gourmets can be priced at 4011 p.
Le Calcifer, marketed by Crocus Wines, uses only the Malbec varietal grown on the calcareous terraces of Cahors, according to the label. The purchase of a wine with bright acidity and a luxurious aroma of raspberry, with notes of spice and cocoa, costs 4.3-4.4 thousand rubles.

In the late nineties, winemakers in Salta, Mendoza, learning about the popularity of Vino Malbec in the United States, remembered the vines that had not been destroyed, and began to restore small plots from old plants. Although the yields of these grapes were not happy, but the wine from its berries charmed with a unique taste. In the Argentine climate, where the days are hot and the nights are cool, the ripening grapes accumulate a lot of sugar and do not lose acidity, which helps the wine to fully develop its aroma and flavor.
Malbec from Caora is distinguished by its tartness and significant content of tannins, which give the drink increased acidity. The wine, which is produced in Argentina, captivates:
  • light and juicy flavor; 
  • cherry and crimson shades; 
  • with a lush bouquet of flavors;
  • with a deep burgundy color with a violet tint.
The fruit of grapes growing in the foothills of the Andes at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,500 meters under intense sunlight gives off strength, freshness and mild acidity. Malbecs from Argentina are dominated by jammy nuances. The drinks produced by French companies from grapes grown on river terraces and the Caora plateau, built of limestone, are dominated by hints of freshly picked berries and fruit.

Much of the Malbec born in Europe is cultivated on the other side of the world, the vines growing in Chile's Rimari and Maule valleys in Washington state, but 2/3 of the Malbec variety is supplied to the world market by Argentina. 
The Zuccardi brand, whose winery has been named the best on the continent, produces vina from crops that mature in the Uco Valley. The must is fermented in concrete vats and aged in burnt oak containers. One of Jose Zuccardi's most popular drinks, awarded a gold medal at the Wine Award, spoils gourmets:
  • rich flavor;
  • fresh acidity;
  • with elegant spicy notes.
Exquisite Malbec from Argentina,sold at a price of 4.5 thousand p.
The premium segment is produced by Trapiche, whose history began with the purchase of six hectares of land in the Uco Valley. Red wine from Malbec, the area for planting of which the company increased to 1 thousand hectares, is valued for its balanced taste, aroma, revealing nuances:
  • spicy spices;
  • ripe plum; 
  • sour blackberries.
Navarro Correas winery, which opened many years ago in the foothills of the Andes, offers gourmets a brand Coleccion Privada made from hand-picked grapes, which is distinguished by its intense ruby color, rounded tannins, aroma that combines the smell of plums and violets. You can buy this Malbec wine in Moscow for 1,500 rubles.
Catena Zapata, founded by an immigrant from Italy, harvested its first grapes 100 years ago. The family firm creates a line of vintage brands that delight gourmets with deep tones of berries, long aftertaste, exquisite aroma, attracts low cost.
Malbec wine, the price of which does not exceed $ 12, is produced by less promoted Argentine companies and is aged for up to six months. In the Moscow store you can buy products that are purchased from the producers of the province of Mendoza even cheaper.

Vina Malbec is not chilled before drinking, but it is advised to keep it in an open bottle for half an hour, so that the wine can fully express its aroma. It combines well with expensive cheeses and red meat, served with spicy poultry dishes, mushrooms, with liver pate, garnished with rice and vegetables;
A glass that was specially created to serve Malbec, it absorbs the aromas of fruit, to which are added hints of spices and violet blossoms;