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Wine Pink Merlot

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Pink Merlot Wine

The Merlot grape variety is perfect for creating a light and fruity wine with hints of cherry and red fruit flavors. The grapes are harvested in mid-spring, using only whole and ripe ones. After fermentation, the wine is infused with the skins to give it a delicate pink hue. Modern equipment is used by many brands to add elegance and style to the alcohol. The wine is mainly produced in the Central Valley region. Pink Merlot wine is appreciated for its soft and round flavor, making it perfect for serving at a picnic, party, or friendly gathering. It pairs well with desserts, cheeses, and pastries.
  • Light and fruity
  • Delicate pink hue
  • Soft and round flavor
  • Perfect for picnics and parties
  • Pairs well with desserts, cheeses, and pastries
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