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Pink Semi-Sweet Wine

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Wine pink semi-sweet - lightness and freshness

The rose wine, or "rosé" as it is also called, is famous for its unique flavor and aroma. It is noted for its freshness and lightness. Only recently rose wines have taken their rightful place in the line of wine drinks and have been highly appreciated by wine lovers.

The popularity of pink semi-sweet wine began in the 1990s in the United States. One winery randomly produced a pale pink drink from red grapes. At first these were only dry wines, a little later the production of semi-sweet rosé wines, that is, wines with a high sugar content, began.
Pink semi-sweet wine is produced in several ways. The most common is straight pressing, where the juice from the berries comes into contact with the substances in the skins. It is because of this contact that an unusual pink hue appears.
White varieties of grapes are used to create rosé wine. It is strictly forbidden to mix white and red wines when making rosé.
The color of the wine demonstrates its richness and strength. The darker the shade, the stronger the drink is in the bottle. All rosé containers are transparent. That is why you can easily see the color of the drink. The strength of rosé wines varies from 8 to 14%.

Pink semisweet wine is best drunk young. It is not worth aging the drink, as semi-sweet wines do not get better over the years. Pink semi-sweet wine has different shades of color: from pale pink to rich coral.
Different producers-depending on country, region, or brand-have their own standards for wine color. For example, the pink wines of France are pale, almost weightless; while the southern wineries of Italy offer a wine with a rich crimson hue. It is by color that you can choose the perfect wine.
Pink wine is light and delicate. It is refreshing and goes with many dishes. In the bouquet of flavors, fruit and floral notes stand out brightly. There are also meadow herbs, vanilla, berries, mango, lavender.
The aroma of rosé wines is composed of such components as fruit, berries, lavender, spices and meadow flowers. The aroma of rosé semisweet wines is very delicate.

Rosé is distinguished by its versatility: it can be an excellent aperitif, participate in almost any dinner. Serve rosé semisweet wine chilled: the ideal temperature is 8-11 degrees.
A light pink wine is best served with similarly simple, weightless dishes:
  • nonfat cheese snacks;
  • assorted fresh vegetables;
  • vegetable salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs);
  • not sugary sweets.
A rich and bright rosé is recommended to be combined with denser appetizers and hot dishes. Once at the restaurant, it is better to order a rosé semisweet:
  • assorted cheeses, meats (sausages, ham, smoked meats);
  • grilled dishes (vegetables, stacks);
  • hearty fish (white and red);
  • rich desserts (cakes, fondue, etc.).
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