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Rose Dry Wine

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Rose dry wine - delicate color and variety

The drinks in the category are very interesting and varied. They differ in taste and color. Dry rose wine is produced in Georgia, Spain, Italy, Russia, and many other countries.
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Dark grapes are used for the production of dry rose wine. The shade of color depends on the time of maceration - infusion on the skins. It takes much less time to infuse the raw material for light colored wine than for red wine, but the production goes by the same technology.
There are grape varieties whose skins or even flesh already have a pinkish color. One such variety is the famous Pinot Gris. But there are also berries that cannot be used to produce either white or rosé wine, because their juice is red. The Georgian Saperavi is a representative of such berries.
To get dry, the fermentation process must have gone completely and all the sugars contained in the berries have been converted into alcohol. The permissible amount of remaining sugar is 4 grams per liter.

There are lightly colored wines that have spicy and intense flavors. These are the flavors of Spanish products. With notes of white and black pepper, mint, eucalyptus.
The darker the wine, the more tart, more dense and full-bodied it is.
Another style of rosé wines includes drinks with light strawberry or mineral-raspberry aromas. It has a spice note, sweet notes, and fresh fruit aromas.
The strength of such a drink is about 12%, depending on the type of grapes from which it is made.

It is gastronomically versatile. Dense, tart, dry rose wine is a perfect accompaniment to grilled fish and poultry. But the main thing is to serve the drink properly chilled and then it will suit any dish.
They are served chilled, like the whites, from 8° to 12° C. This wine is served with tulip-shaped glasses with a long stem to avoid contact with the bowl.

Both individual varieties and the blending method, a mixture of several, are used to produce lightly colored beverages. Dark, red and lightly colored berries are suitable.
  1. Cabernet Sauvignon. The most popular variety. Produces all over the world. It has a bright tartness and balanced acidity. The main notes are blackcurrant jam.
  2. Shiraz. A very popular variety. The second name is Syrah. Main growing regions in France. It has fruit and berry and floral aromas.
  3. Merlot. Second most popular. Grown in all winemaking countries, but most of all in France. Taste is smooth, pleasant, soft, with aromas of red berries. The year of production is important for drinks made of this grape.
  4. Pinot Grigio. Most often you can buy a drink of this section just from it. Its flesh is pinkish in color. It comes from France. The stylistics of the wines are different.
  5. Tempranillo. These berries are native to Spain, but grow in other regions as well. They have a rich color and full-bodied fruit flavor.