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Red Chilean Wine

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Red Chilean wines have a rather bright fruity character. Shiraz, Merlot, Carmenere, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are used for their production. Red wines have a voluminous and very juicy taste with the presence of ripe tannins. The bouquet is dominated by notes of fruit, tobacco, oak, cedar, mint, earth and minerals, which leave a pleasant and persistent aftertaste. You can try original assemblages and mono-varietal drinks, appreciating their unusual flavor and aroma. Chilean red wines are ideal with grilled meats, various dishes with spicy and spicy sauces, game, smoked meats, and ripe cheeses.
Chilean red wine has a good price-quality ratio. The country is one of the world's major wine producers, although it started exporting wines not so long ago. The secret of success is due to the affordable prices of the drinks and optimal taste properties. The production process follows the principles of traditional winemaking and regularly updates the technical base with new inventions. It is a great option for picnics or holidays with friends. The alcohol is made from raw materials grown in our own vineyards. This ensures the softness and harmony of the wines. Thanks to the aging in oak barrels, the wine acquires a woody aroma and a tartness of flavor. Chilean wines are also characterized by their open character and a fruity explosion of flavor.