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Semi-Dry Red Wine

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Red semi-dry wine - a classic for all times

The classification of wines into dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet is based on the amount of sugar contained in the final product. It is possible to adjust this value in the production process. If the amount of sugar in a red wine is between 5 and 25 grams per liter, then you are a red semi-dry wine.
It is worth starting your way in the world of wine with the semi-dry variety. It is in these wines that all the notes of taste and aroma are most clearly distinguished.

The sugar content of wine is regulated in the production process. But not only that. Sugar content can also be controlled during ripening and harvesting. In ancient Rome, the grapes for semi-dry wine were harvested after frost. Nowadays this method is also actively used: the grapes are harvested at the beginning of October. The grape bunches become different in texture - the berries are slightly dried.
A semi-dry red wine is made using the classical method - fermentation. It is necessarily aged in oak barrels or other containers. Aging is a fundamental step in the production of semi-dry wine.
The strength of red semi-dry wine is usually 9-14%. Semi-dry varieties in small quantities are good for health. The drink improves circulation, improves sleep, and slows down aging.
The price of red semi-dry wine is varied: you can find both budget and expensive option - collectible wine of long aging.

The most important difference between this type of wine is the presence of a certain level of acidity. These wines are tart and refreshing. They can be used to quench thirst.
This red semi-dry wine has a cherry and pomegranate flavor. Often spicy herbs, spices and fruit components can be found as additional nuances. The aroma of red dry wines is complex, consisting of several undertones. Depending on the grape variety, there are aromas of berries, fruits and unusual smells like sweet tobacco.
The color of red semi-dry wines is varied, ranging from pale pink to ruby red. The color is determined solely by the grape varieties that were used in production.

Red semi-dry wine is perfect for a gastronomic meeting It is versatile: you can always find a brand that all the guests will like. Red semi-dry wine should be chilled before serving. The optimum temperature is 14-16 degrees.
Goes well with red semi-dry wine:
  • snacks: hard cheeses, cold cuts, seafood delicacies;
  • Vegetable Salads;
  • meat dishes: steaks, kebabs;
  • chocolate desserts, meringues;
  • fruit and nut desserts.
A semi-dry red wine can be tasted without gastronomic support. The originality of the drink allows it to be tasted separately from the dinner.
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