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Italian Red Wine

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Italian red wines have their own unique character and style. It is recognizable from thousands of sour-sweet flavors with rich cherry notes. Drinks made in the north of the country have a very powerful, complex aroma and aristocratic taste. The classic of red wines is, of course, Tuscany, while the south creates bright, expressive drinks with a spicy-chocolate bouquet. Over time, new nuances may appear in the bouquet, making the taste even deeper. Italian red wines are in perfect harmony with pasta and pizza with original tomato sauces, vegetable casseroles, prosciutto, hard cheeses, meat and fish pates, salads with olives, seafood, fruit and desserts.
Italian red wine has its own originality, flavor and unique style. Even the use of international varieties does not allow the drinks to lose their characteristic accent. The Italian style manifests itself in a sour-sweet taste with cherry notes. The bouquet is influenced by the region and variety. The north of the country is known for drinks with powerful aromas and majestic flavor. Tuscan wines have a unique character, which reveals a lush spicy aroma with bright chocolate notes. The vineyards are located all over the country. That is why winemakers offer a great variety of quality sweet, sparkling and dry wines. The richness of flavors and aromas allows Italian wines to hold leading positions.