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Italian Sangiovese Wine

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Italian Sangiovese Wine

Italian Sangiovese wine is a red Tuscan wine made from the common autochthonous Italian variety. It embodies the well-known style of Italian wine and is characterized by its high acidity and rich color. Sangiovese is used in mono-varietal and blended drinks, with a requirement that at least 75% of the wine must be made from this grape variety. Thanks to the variety's ability to take on the characteristics of the region where it grows, the wines have varied flavors, but they share the trademark tannins and a balanced character. Italian Sangiovese wine pairs well with poultry and aged cheeses.

What Makes Italian Sangiovese Wine Different?

  • Made from a common autochthonous Italian grape variety
  • High acidity and rich color
  • Requirement of at least 75% Sangiovese grapes in the wine
  • Variations in flavors depending on the region
  • Trademark tannins and a balanced character