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Semisweet Red Wine

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Red Semi-Sweet Wine - The Sweetness of Goodness

Red semi-sweet wine, ranging in price from 300 rubles to tens of thousands, is beloved by connoisseurs for its intense color with exquisite overtones, delicate bouquet, softness, and versatile taste. In a good bottle, one can taste notes of fresh grapes, fruit, and flowers. This type of wine is made from grapes such as Muscat, Merlot, Georgian Saperavi, Italian Montepulciano, Portuguese Turiga Franca, and German Dornfelder. The dark-skinned berries are picked when overripe and fermented, with the juice squeezed and added to the must at a certain stage of the complex production process. Semisweet red wine obtained according to the original technology does not contain sugar in its pure form, as it is completely transformed into alcohol, but it contains useful substances such as:
  • Organic acids
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins B, C
Phenolic compounds, which are present in small quantities in dark grape wine, play the role of antioxidants. Resveratrol improves heart function and prevents cellular degeneration. The drink is sweeter and less strong when the must stops fermenting before all the sugar is converted into alcohol.

The dark blue berries of the Saperavi grape, which contains a high concentration of pigments and plant polyphenols, are used in Kakheti to produce a red semi-sweet wine that is offered at a price of 1 to 1.5 thousand rubles. Kindzmarauli is remembered for its deep ruby hue and elegant taste, which is dominated by notes of coffee, cherries, and plums. The Georgian company Mildiani produces a good semi-sweet red wine from the autochthonous Alexandrouli grape, which has a natural sugar content with the addition of Mujuretuli fruit. A bottle of Mildiani Khvanchkara, which captivates with its rich aroma, pleasant acidity, and soft tannins, costs 1,890 rubles. Kindzmarauli in the premium segment, which is produced from Saperavi grapes by Winiveria winery using a unique technology and aged in clay querns, where it acquires a garnet color and velvety taste, is highly appreciated by connoisseurs, with a price of 2.5 thousand rubles per bottle. Quality drinks from Georgia can be found for a lower price on websites that sell alcoholic beverages, which are obtained directly from producers.

Beverages produced in the countries with the climate that allows growing up to 250 varieties of grapes enchant with their unique bouquet, absorbing the aroma of berries, the brightness of the sun, and the moisture of the Mediterranean. Montepulciano and Sangiovese in Italy make both inexpensive semi-sweet grapes and elite products. Gourmets who have tasted Merlot from the Canti line will recognize it by its silky texture, long-lasting aftertaste, ruby color, and shimmering.