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Semisweet Wine From Armenia

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Wine semi-sweet from Armenia

Armenian winemaking has a thousand-year history. Autochthonous and European varieties of grapes are used to make high-quality drinks. The grapes are harvested when they reach optimum sugar levels. Fermentation is made at a controlled temperature of 26-28 degrees for a period of two weeks. It is done in steel tanks. The semi-sweet wine from Armenia is an excellent choice for meat and spicy dishes, cheeses and desserts. The production of wine regions attracts by the richness and generosity of flavor, as well as a harmonious sweet finish. Many foodies dream of ordering a bottle to enjoy the expressive aroma and variety of fruit tones. To buy Wine semi-sweet from Armenia at an affordable price, it is worth using our service. With its help you can compare products from different countries, regions and brands, choose the strength and other characteristics.