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Semisweet White Wine

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All About Semi-sweet White Wines

White semi-sweet wines are known for their delicate, sweet taste and light color, ranging from almost transparent to slightly golden or saturated amber. The price of a bottle of white semi-sweet wine depends on the year of production, strength, and brand awareness. At Vi.Wine, a large selection of white semi-sweet wines is offered. Customers can choose their favorite product and select a store where it can be ordered more favorably.

How White Semi-sweet Wine is Produced

During production, grape juice undergoes controlled fermentation, and the amount of sugar that remains unconverted into alcohol determines the level of sweetness, which is typically between 18 and 45 grams per liter. While a light drink can be made from red grapes with translucent-colored pulp, the dark color is obtained in the process of infusion on the skins. In Georgia, white wine is made according to the technology of red wine production and has a rich amber color. Italy and some other countries have adopted this method, with the older wine typically being lighter in color and the younger wine being darker.

A good drink in this category has a clean, bright, fruity aroma, often with slightly noticeable hints of chocolate or vanilla. Semi-sweet white wine is not sour but instead is soft and slightly sweet, opening with light fruity notes, often citrus, and may have added floral notes. White wine can only be tart if it is prepared according to the red wine-making process.
  • Classical light wine is not tart because it does not use the skin of the grapes.
  • Beverages from hot wine regions have a higher sweetness, so semi-sweet can be perceived as sweet.

Semi-sweet white wines pair well with tender dishes, with the lighter dishes being more delicate. They are ideal for seafood or fish and semi-sweet amber or straw-colored wines emphasize the taste of chicken, veal, and pork dishes. This product can also be paired with not very sweet desserts, light cheese snacks, and vegetable salads. Serve semi-sweet white wine in standard white wine glasses, tulip-shaped on a high stem, at an ideal serving temperature of 10 to 14°C, depending on the variety.

Semi-sweet white wine is made from many different grape varieties that grow in wine regions around the world, including Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Georgia, and others. Some of the most famous varieties include:
  • Chardonnay: The most sought-after and popular white wine variety worldwide, mostly grown in France, USA, and Australia. It has a moderate acidity and a bright flavor of ripe, sweet fruit.
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Grown in many wine-producing countries, it can have flavors of green, herbaceous, and tropical fruits.