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Red dry wine - the philosophy of the drink

Many people know that the French regularly consume red dry wine. It helps them avoid cardiovascular disease. Lovers of this drink would do well to study its philosophy in order to enjoy it on a conscious level. It is called dry because it contains no sugar. During fermentation, the yeast eats it and the juice is filled with alcohol. It turns out a sour product. It is a noble, elegant, rich drink. It is appreciated by true connoisseurs of elite alcohol. In total there are more than 4000 varieties of elite and inexpensive dry red wine. In Moscow they sell products of very different quality. In the wine boutiques of Russia there are many names of such goods. It's a great pleasure to be in Moscow;

Several thousand dark grape varieties grow on all continents. And for making a good red dry wine, the most popular technical types are used. There are only a few dozen of them cultivated. There are plantations all over the world. Some varieties of vine are considered international. They withstand both heat and cool temperatures. Sometimes autochthonous varieties that are grown in a particular winemaking region are used. They do well in the conditions that suit them.  
What flavor a red dry wine gets depends on the soil, the topography, the surrounding plants. Winemakers have given this the name "taste of terroir. It is a combination of soil and climatic factors. Here are the main regions, the geographical areas where red dry wine is made:
  • France;
  • Italy;
  • Spain;
  • Austria;
  • Portugal;
  • Australia;
  • Morocco;
  • U.S;
  • Chili;
  • Switzerland.
Dark grapes for red dry wine are also cultivated in other countries. The result is a cheaper, more budget-friendly product.  

It's worth considering the taste characteristics of the varieties of grapes that make the best red dry wines. Many names of varieties are familiar to all connoisseurs of alcohol:
  1. The famous Cabernet Sauvignon. Its red dry wine is tinged with blackcurrant, spices, cedar, ripe cherries, cherries and bell peppers. Cabernet is used to make the famous red dry wines of Bordeaux. Today this grape has been learned to grow in almost all wine-making countries. It ripens late, especially in colder regions. Cabernet has a lot of astringent tannins, so it is often used in blends to remove tartness. Where the berries ripen well, the red dry wine made from them turns almost purple-black. The color is beautiful and bright. The wine aged more than a year acquires softness, delicacy and a very delicate bouquet. The quality of this French grape is very high. A bottle of this variety can be bought in Moscow for 2200 roubles.
  2. Versatile Merlot. The variety's name translates as "blackbird. It makes a dry red with flavors of raspberry, strawberry, cherry, cedar, and chocolate. The drink is easily recognized by its mild and pleasant taste. It is also a French variety, but a lot of it is planted in Washington State. It always ripens in time. Quality wine is obtained with 10 or more years of aging. A bottle of French budget Merlot can be purchased at a price of 1,600 rubles.
  3. The demanding and unpredictable Pinot Noir. This dark variety is loved by winemakers for its beauty, but they can't always guess its behavior. It is grown most in Burgundy. It is used to make not only red dry wines, but champagne and sparkling drinks. The quality of a properly made wine is striking in its high density. Pinot Noir is most suited to the category of mono-varietal types. The aging of a quality product lasts for decades. Inexpensive red dry wine of this variety can be bought at a price of 500 rubles;
  4. Early-ripening Garnacha. The variety is characterized by aromas of cherry, spice, and licorice. The grape is most planted in Spain and Australia. The French add it to blends because of its high acidity and high alcohol content. The Spanish version can be purchased for 450 rubles.
  5. Barbera. Most cultivated in Italy. The wine from this variety acquires a strong structure and multi-layered flavor. It is often used in blends;
In addition to the varieties listed for ruby wine, such varieties deserve attention:
  • Dolcetto;
  • Cabernet Franc;
  • Gamet;
  • Carignan;
  • Malbec;
  • Sangiovese;
  • Syrah;
  • Nebbiolo;
  • Mourvedre;
  • Monastrel.
Almost every wine country has a variety to be proud of.             

Ruby-colored wine has primary spicy flavors. The production technology allows anthocyanins to pass from the rind of the berries into the must, so you drink a drink of rich color. The flesh of the grapes contains tartaric, citric and malic acids, minerals, pectin, and various nitrogen compounds. An important point is that from the skin of the product comes tannins and polyphenols, and from grains - tannins.  
One of the most important characteristics on which the aroma and  flavor and style of a wine depend directly is the grape variety from which it is made. Dry wines are made with an absolute absence of sugar. The taste of the wine is obtained naturally;
Visually, the product has a deep and vivid color. It can range from garnet, purple, purple to dark ruby and even darker.
The aroma of quality varietals is pronounced grapey, sometimes with spicy and berry-fruit undertones. The taste has a tartness and light acidity of red grapes;

The dark product goes with many dishes. Full-bodied drinks are suitable for meat dishes. Light versions are better to drink in tandem with delicate appetizers and vegetables. Cabernet Sauvignon is often served with steaks. Acidic varieties are combined with Italian cuisine;
The flavor and aroma of the dark product depends on the serving temperature. A warm drink will increase sweetness and acidity, a cold drink will increase bitterness and astringency. For young wine the temperature should be -  12-14 ° C. For more mature wine - from 16 to 18 ° C;
Every good red dry wine is full of unique character, color and flavor. You can admire it or forget it forever, but not be indifferent. The Moscow chain of stores offers a chic selection of quality red dry wines. Here everyone can buy a favorite or unfamiliar drink and treat yourself to a new bright taste. Often budget versions are bought to make extravagant cocktails. Closer to the weekend it will not hurt to look into the alcoholic boutique and buy a bottle of inexpensive delicate and flavorful masterpiece. In Russian stores there is a large selection of dark wine, and during the promotional period it is possible to buy it cheaper;

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