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Red Dry Wine From Bardolino

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Red Dry Wine from Bardolino

Badissa is a producer of high-quality red dry wine from Bardolino, a region located in northeastern Italy that is known for its excellent wine-growing conditions. The wine, made from the Rondinella and Corvina grape varieties, has been recognized for its exceptional quality since 1968 and has consistently received high praise from renowned wine critics.

What Makes This Wine Different?

  • Harvested in one of the most popular wine-growing regions
  • Perfect quality since 1968
  • Made from Rondinella and Corvina grape varieties
  • Light and pleasant aftertaste

What People Like About It

Wine lovers appreciate the unique characteristics of Badissa's red dry wine from Bardolino:
  • Lightness
  • Pleasant aftertaste
  • Exceptional quality