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Burgundy Red Dry Wine

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Burgundy Red Dry Wine: A World-Renowned Drink

Burgundy wines have been famous since the 6th century AD. They are still made in the same way, preserving the unique character of the terroir and the special aroma of the Piedmont soil that gives birth to the unique vines. The wines are known for their style, elegance, and harmony. The most famous wines of the region are:
  1. Barolo: Rich, full, and very complex taste with notes of berries, tar, and underbrush.
  2. Barbaresco: Recognizable tones of dry wood, nutmeg, house jam, and spicy anise.
The wines are best paired with local dishes, such as gourmet omelets, carpaccio, veal, and mushrooms. The unique climate of the region gives the wines a velvet texture, which is perfectly complemented by the following:
  • Red meat with the aroma of tart smoke
  • Hot tortillas
  • Herbs
  • Ripe cheeses