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Dry Wine From Bordeaux

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Bordeaux Dry Wine

Bordeaux dry wine is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet varieties, creating a unique taste and aroma that wine lovers can't resist. This wine is highly valued for its complex flavors and aromas that are related to the soil and vineyard peculiarities. Bordeaux winemakers are known for their art of blending, creating wines that stand out in the industry.
  • The combination of Merlot and Cabernet varieties creates the best results
  • Bordeaux is known for its blending techniques
  • The character, flavor, and aroma depend on the terrain and vines
  • The aging process of several years allows for a tannin structure to develop
The proportion of each variety used in Bordeaux wine depends on the soil and the type of wine produced. Alcohol from the right bank has a fruity and rounded flavor, while the left bank produces a more masculine, bright, and tart character. Each bottle has a unique flavor and aroma, making it a great option for a special occasion or a casual evening.