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Wine Pittnauer Rose Konig

Wine Pittnauer Rose Konig


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  • Pittnauer Koning Rose 2021
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  • Pittnauer Burgenland Osterreich Koning Rose, Austria, 750ml
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  • Weingut Pittnauer Rose 2021
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$22.00 Dandelion Wine

  • Austria Weingut Pittnauer, Burgenland Konig Rose 2021
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Pittnauer Rose Konig

What Is Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine is a refreshing and crisp rose wine made by Hans and Andrea Pittnauer in Austria. This wine is the result of blending different varietals such as Zweigelt, Blaufrankisch, and Merlot.

Where Is Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine From?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine is from Austria; precisely, it is from the Burgenland region.

How Is Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine Made?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine is made from different grape varietals that are harvested early in the morning while still cool. The grapes are then sorted, destemmed, and crushed. Afterward, they undergo fermentation for about two to three weeks.

What To Expect in Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine is a dry and light wine, yet it has a good balance of acidity and fruitiness. The aroma of the wine is delicate with subtle notes of strawberries, raspberries, and red cherries.

What Does Pittnauer Rose Konig taste like?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine has a fresh and lively taste with a fruity character. It is dry on the palate, as the acidity from the grape varietals increases the wine's freshness.

What Food Does Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine Pair With?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine is best paired with light summer dishes such as salads, seafood, and grilled chicken. This wine can also be an excellent companion with spicy food due to its crispness and acidity.

How should I serve Pittnauer Rose Konig wine?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine should be served chilled to about 8-10°C. This wine can be served in white wine glasses to make the fruity aroma and vibrant color stand out even more.

What kind of wine is Pittnauer Rose Konig?

Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine is a dry and light rose wine.

Buy Pittnauer Rose Konig Wine Online

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