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Montepulciano Wine

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Montepulciano Wine - A Rich Italian Heritage

The Montepulciano grape variety is predominantly cultivated in the Abruzzo region of Italy, and is used to produce soft, single-varietal wines as well as blends. These wines can be either dry red or rosé, and are well-known for their bouquet that consists of:
  • fruits
  • flowers
  • oak wood
  • toasty notes
  • blackberries
  • vanilla
  • rose
  • spices
The balance between sweetness and acidity is well maintained, with a touch of pleasant minerality and tannins. Montepulciano wines pair perfectly with:
  • beef patties
  • roast pork
  • lamb
  • herb-baked potatoes
  • salty Parmesan cheese
  • chocolate desserts
Although the grapes are grown in the central region of Italy, Montepulciano wine is more popular in the eastern regions of the country, where it is the second most commonly consumed red dry wine. The wine is also a popular choice to pair with pizza, making it a local treasure. The affordable and juicy quality of these wines make them a popular choice, with the oak barrel aged wines that are aged for more than five years being particularly delicious. In addition to pizza, Montepulciano wines pair well with different kinds of cheeses, fried mushrooms, and fish dishes.