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Wine from the New Zealand Region

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New Zealand wines open up new horizons for connoisseurs and introduce them to unknown facets of taste. Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Pinot Noir grapes familiar to every European acquire an original bouquet and open up in a new way in these lands. The main feature of the drinks is a cool style, bright flavor and insidious strength. The bouquet of white wines is based on the notes of stone fruits, citrus, nuts and minerals, and red wines - on the shades of berries, soft spices and oak. New Zealand wines are served with traditional dishes from around the world, as well as with cold snacks, desserts, and cheeses. They are excellent aperitifs and ingredients for various cocktails.
New World Wines refers to spirits produced outside of the countries that are leaders in the wine-making segment. They are harvested in Mexico, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Chile. Gradually, such products have entered the international market, making stiff competition to everyone's favorite Italian, French, Georgian and Moldovan wines. As a rule, they are produced from the ripest harvest. Quite often the wines have a higher strength of 18-20%. Such wines are sold at a lower price than Old World wines, but the quality is as good as possible.