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Wine Remelluri Reserva 2012

Wine Remelluri Reserva 2012


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Remelluri Reserva 2012

Remelluri Reserva 2012 is a red dry wine produced in the Rioja region of northern Spain. It is made from a blend of Tempranillo and Graciano grapes, which are known for their rich and robust flavors. This wine is particularly unique due to its blend of grape varieties, which results in a complex and layered flavor profile.
Remelluri Reserva 2012 has a deep red color and a complex aroma of dark fruit, such as black cherry and blackcurrant, with notes of vanilla and spices. On the palate, it is full-bodied with a firm tannic structure and a long, elegant finish. This wine is perfect to pair with a variety of dishes, including roasted or grilled meats, stews, and hearty pasta dishes. It also pairs well with aged cheeses and cured meats.
Remelluri Reserva 2012 is mainly produced in the Rioja region of Spain, where it has become renowned for its quality and unique taste. However, it is also exported to other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. Its popularity has grown over the years due to its distinctive flavor profile and versatility in terms of food pairing.