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Wine from the Rioja Region

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Rioja wine is a Spanish drink

Spain has long been famous for its numerous vineyards. Especially popular is the Rioja wine region. The drinks produced here, including Rioja wine, have a high quality category - DOC (it was awarded back in the early 90s of the last century). They have impeccable taste characteristics and rich aroma. Rioja red and white wines can be ordered through the serviceVi.Wine, where there is a large selection (price depends on the brand and year of harvest).

Rioja is a unique region. It is divided into three key zones:
  1. Alavesa. Here the fruit grows with an expressive flavor, which allows to produce full-bodied wines with acidity higher than in other subregions.
  2. Alta. This area produces light varieties with a pronounced fruit flavor and balanced acidity.
  3. Oriental. This is a region with a Mediterranean climate. The drinks are strong, but lack acidity and flavor. Because of this, they are used in blends, combined with the juice of fruits from other areas.
Vines in the country grow on limestone and clay soils. Water springs make the air moist, which is good for the fruit. In 1st place in terms of prevalence is the Tempranillo grape variety, which makes drinks aromatic (up to 55% of the blend). In 2nd place is Grenache, responsible for flavor bouquet (up to 25%). The wines are able to mature for 18 years, but end up on showcases after 5 years of aging. Barrels made of American oak are often used during production.

Below are the tasting characteristics:
  1. Color. The color of the drink is influenced by the thickness of the skin of the fruit, so Riojo wines have a rich color (white is golden and red is burgundy).
  2. Aroma. The smell of all is pronounced, revealing orange, apple hints, notes of flowers and spices (the exact smell depends on the variety of fruit).
  3. Taste/flavor. In terms of flavor characteristics the drinks resemble Cabernet, but have pronounced fruit notes. Vanilla flavor can be traced (due to infusion in oak barrels). There is a soft cherry aftertaste. The strength varies from 9 to 15O.
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The Rioja red wine is served at 12-16°C in deep glasses with a high bowl, filling only a quarter of the glass to taste the aroma that has arisen from its contact with the air. It goes well with spicy and fatty meat dishes, cheese plate.
White glasses are similar in shape to those used for red, but have a smaller volume. Young drinks go well with seafood, fish and light salads. Medium-aged ones are ideal for grilled vegetables and nuts. Matured drinks are suitable for dishes with chicken (both boiled and fried), cheese plate. They are served at 10 to 14oC.