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Wine from the Rioja Region

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Rioja Wine: A Spanish Delight

Spain is renowned for its abundant vineyards, and one of the most popular regions for wine production is Rioja. Rioja wines have been awarded the highest quality category - DOC - thanks to their impeccable taste and rich aroma. You can order both Rioja red and white wines from the service Vi.Wine, where there is a wide selection available at varying prices depending on brand and harvest year.

The Rioja region is unique and divided into three subregions:
  1. Alavesa - known for expressive fruit flavor that produces full-bodied wines with higher acidity than other subregions.
  2. Alta - produces lighter wines with a pronounced fruit flavor and balanced acidity.
  3. Oriental - a region with a Mediterranean climate that produces strong wines that lack acidity and flavor, and are therefore typically used in blends with fruit juice from other areas.
The vines grow on limestone and clay soils and benefit from the moist air provided by nearby water springs. The Tempranillo grape variety is the most prevalent, contributing to the aromatic notes of the wine, followed by Grenache, which is responsible for the flavor bouquet. Rioja wines can mature for up to 18 years but are typically aged for 5 years in American oak barrels before being sold.

The following are the typical tasting characteristics of Rioja wines:
  1. Color - Rioja wines have a rich color influenced by the thickness of the fruit skin (golden for white and burgundy for red).
  2. Aroma - the scent is pronounced, revealing hints of orange, apple, flowers, and spices, depending on the grape variety.
  3. Taste/Flavor - the flavor resembles Cabernet, but with pronounced fruit notes. The infusion of oak barrels lends a vanilla flavor, and there is a soft cherry aftertaste. The strength of Rioja wine ranges from 9% to 15% ABV.
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Red Rioja wine should be served at 12-16°C in deep glasses with a high bowl, filling only a quarter of the glass to experience the full aroma. It pairs well with spicy and fatty meat dishes and cheese plates. White glasses have a similar shape to those used for red wine, but with a smaller volume. Younger white Rioja wines go well with seafood, fish, and light salads, while medium-aged ones are perfect for grilled vegetables and nuts. Matured white wines are ideal for dishes with chicken (both boiled and fried) and cheese plates and are best served at 10-14°C.