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Wine Callia Magna Tannat

Wine Callia Magna Tannat


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Callia Magna Tannat

Callia Magna Tannat is a dry red wine produced in the Tulum Valley region, located in the province of San Juan, Argentina. This wine is made from the Tannat grape, which is known for its high tannin levels and full-bodied flavor. It is a wine with a deep red color and a complex aroma, with notes of black fruit, spices, and tobacco. On the palate, it is powerful and bold, with a long finish.
This wine pairs well with red meats, especially beef, lamb, and game. It is also a great match for hearty stews and strong cheeses. Its bold flavor and structure make it an excellent choice for pairing with rich and flavorful dishes.
Callia Magna Tannat is most commonly produced in Argentina, where the Tannat grape is grown extensively, particularly in the Tulum Valley region.