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Wine Bencze Pinot Noir

Wine Bencze Pinot Noir


  • The Cellar d'Or Wine & Cider
  • NY, Ithaca
  • Discovery Wines
  • NY, Ithaca
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$31.99 The Cellar d'Or Wine & Cider

  • Bencze, Pinot Noir 2021 750ml
  • NY, Ithaca

$32.00 Discovery Wines

  • Bencze - Pinot Noir 2021
  • NY, New York

Bencze Pinot Noir

Dry Red wine wine Bencze Pinot Noir from the region Hungary will be a great addition to your table. The drink is made from grapes Pinot Noir, what makes its taste bright and memorable. Bencze Pinot Noir perfectly combined with dishes from different cuisines of the world and will give you an unforgettable experience during the tasting.