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White Sweet Wine

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White sweet wine for connoisseurs

White sweet wine is a popular drink, characterized by high alcohol content (about 13-15°) and sugar content (50-100 g/l). It is good for health: it eliminates germs, reduces the effect of bad cholesterol, increases the tone of the bronchi. Included antioxidants slow down the aging process. To order the drink, just use a reliable serviceVi.Wine(price depends on region, year of harvest).

White sweet wine is made from high-sugar grapes infected with Botrytis cinerea fungus (safe for health). Common varieties include Muscat, Muscadelle, Fourmint, Saperavi, Cabernet, Pinot Gris and Isabella. The dried fruit that contains at least 22% sugar is chosen for production: the higher the sugar content, the more glycerin is released (it is responsible for fullness and softness of flavor).
The peculiarity of the white sweet wine making process is the processing of the pulp before pressing. There are several ways. The simplest one is to heat the pulp. After pressing, the mass is squeezed a little to separate the juice. Next, it is heated to 70-80 ° C, and then small portions are added to the pulp, stirring constantly. At the end the mass is cooled to room temperature and pressed.
Another common method is sulfitization. It is relevant for white wines. First of all, the number of sulfur wicks is set. It is worth noting that after fumigation, it is important to quickly fill the tank with mesma. During the process, the fruit mass is fed through a lapped funnel. After filling to about 1/3, the container is closed and actively shaken. In this way the contents are mixed with the gas. After that, the mash is topped up, fumigated, and the procedure is repeated. At the end of the container is left for a week at a low temperature (about 6-7 ° C). If the mass begins to ferment, the infusion is stopped, the pulp is pressed.

Below are the tasting characteristics:
  1. Color. The hue of the white sweet wine varies from pale yellow to dark golden (depending on the variety used).
  2. Aroma. Bright fragrant aroma (the exact smell depends on the variety of fruit). Many people decide to buy the drink because of the characteristic aroma.
  3. Taste/Scent. White sweet wine has a rich, honey-sweet taste. Taste of raisins, melon and apricot. There is a soft aftertaste. The strength is around 14O.
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Sweet white wine is served chilled and combined with both hearty and sweet dishes. These include sharp and spicy cheeses, fruit (fresh and baked), pastries and light salads. It is preferably drunk from wide and low glasses ("Chardonnay" or "Burgundy"). It should not be filled completely, only 1/3 full.