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Peter Lehmann Wine

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Peter Lehmann Wines

The company is based in the Barossa Valley wine region, where they produce premium quality wines with a unique character and taste.

Peter Lehmann wines are known for their robust and full-bodied flavor with a rich aroma that will tantalize your taste buds.

The grapes used by the company are carefully selected from different vineyards, each representing a unique terroir and microclimate.

The wine-making process at Peter Lehmann is traditional and carefully monitored to ensure that the wine maintains its rich and complex flavor.

When you taste a bottle of Peter Lehmann wine, you can expect a full-bodied, rich and complex flavor with notes of dark berries, cinnamon, and vanilla.

Peter Lehmann wines pair well with a variety of foods, including grilled meats, game, and hard cheeses.

Peter Lehmann wine is dry, with a balanced acidity and tannins that gives it a well-rounded taste. It is best served at room temperature or slightly chilled at around 16-18°C.

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