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Nero Di Troy Wine

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Nero di Troia Wine is a traditional Italian wine made by a brand that owns vineyards in Puglia. The region's rich soil allows for healthy harvests that are suitable for producing this unique wine. What sets Nero di Troia wine apart from others is:
  • The harmonious taste achieved through a combination of tradition and innovation
  • The careful selection of raw materials
  • The maceration process carried out at a controlled temperature
  • The aging process in medium-sized oak barrels for four months
  • The mild and persistent flavors that the wine is known for
Thanks to the producer's experience, knowledge, and passion for the business, Nero di Troia wine has gained a reputation for its quality and taste. Wine enthusiasts appreciate its unique qualities and often choose it for its:
  • Distinctive flavor profile
  • Mild and persistent flavors
  • Harmonious taste
  • Blend of tradition and innovation