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Wine from the Kindzmarauli Region

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Kindzmarauli Wine: A Unique Georgian Variety

The Kindzmarauli wine from Georgia is highly recognizable for its transparent cherry color and pronounced fruit and berry aroma. You can find the best brands of Kindzmarauli wine on the Vi.Wine website, where the selection is vast, and prices vary depending on the year of harvest.

Kindzmarauli wine has been produced since the early 1940s, and it's named after the small region in the Alazani Valley. It is made from the Saperavi grape variety, and due to the warm climate and fertile soil, grapes are harvested when the sugar content exceeds 21%, making it semi-sweet by nature without the addition of sugar. The wine production method involves the juice and grape combs and seeds being transferred to a clay jug, which is then buried in the ground. The juice is stirred periodically for 3-4 days, and after the mash rises to the top, the jug is sealed with wax, leaving a small hole for the gas to escape. The wine's low temperature in the ground, where the yeast doesn't dissolve sugar, is crucial in obtaining the semi-sweet wine. Another production method is the accelerated technology, where juice and pulp are fermented in stainless steel containers and then carefully filtered and kept in tanks at 0°C.

The following are the tasting characteristics of Kindzmarauli wine:
  • Color: The wine has a rich ruby red hue with a purple hue.
  • Aroma: The scent is spicy with berry and fruity undertones that differ in each recipe.
  • Taste: The wine's signature taste of sweetness is complemented by fruity and berry nuances.

To enjoy the wine's pleasant taste, it is important to pair it with the right appetizer. Kindzmarauli wine pairs well with:
  • Fruit slices (apple, orange, grape)
  • Hard cheeses
  • Meat dishes with spicy sauces (kebabs, steaks, fried ribs)
  • Different kinds of pastries and desserts (e.g., pies, eclairs, and cheesecakes)
  • Vegetable salads with a light dressing
The wine should be served in traditional wide glasses on a long stem and poured by a quarter to enjoy its aroma that comes from contact with the air. You can choose and order a bottle of Kindzmarauli wine through the reliable Vi.Wine service.