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Red Wine Kindzmarauli

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Red Kindzmarauli Wine

Kindzmarauli is a popular grape variety grown in the Caucasus region. This wine is characterized by its velvety and full-bodied taste, with a deep pomegranate or cherry color and notes of black currant. The wine is harvested when the berries contain 22% sugar, resulting in a semi-sweet or sweet taste without any additional ingredients.

What Makes Kindzmarauli Wine Different

  • Velvety and full-bodied taste
  • Deep pomegranate or cherry color
  • Semi-sweet or sweet taste without additional ingredients

Why People Like Kindzmarauli Wine

People appreciate Kindzmarauli red wine for its:
  • Softness and fullness that can reduce spiciness of food
  • Ability to pair with desserts and various sauces