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Wine from the Bardolino Region

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Discover Bardolino Wine: A Refreshing and Versatile Option from Italy

If you're searching for a light-bodied and refreshing option to enjoy, then Bardolino wine is a perfect choice. This red wine originates from the Veneto region in northeastern Italy along the shores of Lake Garda. It is produced using a blend of grape varieties, with Corvina being the major grape that dominates the blend. In this article, you will learn more about the characteristics of Bardolino grapes, how the wine is made, its tasting notes, food pairings, and where to buy Bardolino wine online.

The Corvina grapes, which are the most dominant in the Bardolino blend, are thin-skinned and have low tannins. This characteristic makes Bardolino wine light-bodied and easy to drink. Rondinella grapes, on the other hand, are responsible for adding body to the blend because they have a higher tannin content. Finally, Molinara grapes are used in small quantities to balance the fruity sweetness of the other grapes with their slightly bitter taste.

Bardolino wine is typically fermented in stainless steel tanks using the red winemaking method. Unlike other wines, such as Amarone, Bardolino is aged in oak barrels for a shorter period to retain its fruity and fresh character.

Bardolino wine is ruby red in color with aromas of red fruits, including cherries and raspberries, combined with floral notes. You will experience a light-bodied wine with a crisp acidity and flavors of red fruits and a hint of herbs when you taste it. Bardolino wine pairs perfectly with a range of foods, including grilled meats, tomato-based pasta dishes, and pizza. It is best served chilled, making it a perfect summertime drink.

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